Which Social Media Platform is Best For Your Blog?

Posted on June 7, 2013

So you’ve set up your blog and it’s ready to be discovered as the next big thing in the beauty or fashion blogosphere. How? Social media, of course! Personally sharing your blog with friends, other bloggers and the Internet is second to none when it comes to gaining that initial exposure your site needs to bring in the readers. You might be content with just posting your blog link on Twitter with the hashtags #bbloggers or #fbloggers, but have you considered thinking about how different social media platforms can personally complement your blog?

Photo by mkhmarketing via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by mkhmarketing via Flickr Creative Commons

We’re giving you the low-down on which ones to utilise for your content and how they can help to attract more traffic for you.


If you show a lot of your personality through your writing, your Twitter account is a great extension of that, to let readers see more of you and to keep them coming back to your blog.

Bloggers with niche subjects can get new visitors by using topic-related hashtags for your content to be found by like-minded readers.

Beauty and fashion bloggers can join in with the on-going chat via the main hashtags #bbloggers and #fbloggers – an friendly way to network with other bloggers you’ve yet to come across and also to share your blog links.

If you are trying to establish your blog as more of a brand (nothing wrong with thinking ahead for when it gets big!) rather than just being “My Little Personal Blog”, a separate Twitter account from your own everyday one can help do so.


Bloggers are all about sharing those fun and interesting moments with readers and Facebook is perfect for doing so because that’s what the social network is all about! Not only can you share with friends and family, but other readers from all over the world can also stay updated.

If you interact with readers often asking their feedback or ideas for your next blog post, Facebook allows the option to post polls for easy answering, rather than having to filter through your Twitter mentions to find the relevant replies.

Having a successful contest or giveaway needs maximum reach and Facebook is perfect for getting that information out and shared – you can include a lot more information in a Facebook post than a tweet and by getting readers to ‘share’ your post (perhaps to count as a giveaway entry), you gain more exposure.

It’s always best to create a specific page for your blog, rather than using your personal account for ease and your security. Once you start posting, you can gauge what content is popular by the ‘likes’ received and get instant feedback via the comments below.


Bloggers who take particular pride in their blog photography can use Instagram as a portable ‘micro-blog’. If you get comments about how beautiful your blog is, it’s likely that your images have something to do with it and Instagram is a great way for readers to see more.

Again, for niche subject bloggers, Instagram hashtags will open you up to a world of potentially interested readers. To get your posts out there, try taking a screenshot  of the post (make it look appealing – images are key!) with your blog link in the comments.

For those who love to blog but wish they had more time to update, keeping your  Instagram active could be just what your loyal readers need to keep them satisfied until your next post.


A platform that has mostly be shunned by social media users but did you know that it has grown to be the second largest social platform globally? And you can use it to boost your blog’s search rankings on Google, so the network is useful for all bloggers.

The more circles you are in, the more you’re likely to come up higher on their search results if you produce related content. New bloggers always find it more difficult to gain traffic for their content so gaining influence on Google+ can really help.

You can become an ‘Author’ of your content so that when blog posts, images or videos come up on search results, so does your name and profile. This allows other to see you use Google+ and gives them the option to +1 (or share) your content on the network. Earning more +1s not only raises your profile as a content creator, but also bumps up the credibility of your blog.

Read our post here for more information on how Google+ can help your site by using Google Author Rank and Authorship.


If you’re brave enough to delve into the world of vlogging, YouTube is a large enough community that would be sure to drive up traffic for your blog. For beauty bloggers, video content can really complement the static content already on your blog, e.g. a makeup swatch post could go up with a video of the product being used in a look. Fashion bloggers can bring outfit posts to life with video lookbooks and haul videos can be more engaging than a photo heavy post.


Fans of making picture-heavy inspiration posts might want to transfer this over to Pinterest so that interested readers can also follow you on there for regular inspiration, rather than the odd weekly posting on your blog. This is the perfect solution if you worry about “inspiration spamming” your own blog, which can end up hiding your own personal posts.

If you like to post about DIY creations with fashion or baking or whatnot, share that creative side on Pinterest and be sure to include your blog link. There will always be pinners who will love to click through and read your posts to see exactly how you produced the thing they just repinned!

As with Twitter and Instagram, relevant hashtags will give your content a much wider reach and similarly, you can look for inspiration on things that would work with your blog for future posts, such as fashion DIYs, beauty looks, nail art etc, keeping your blog fresh

Which social media sites do you find complement your blog best?

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