What being “PR friendly” means – How to ensure a great relationship with PR agencies

Posted on March 12, 2014

What comes with the territory for most fashion and beauty bloggers, is the inevitable relationship with PR agencies. Some choose to even advertise their blog as “PR friendly”, some prefer to keep a low profile as not every outreach is always wanted. Let’s get you on a good start with PR and dive into the facts on how to make it easy for both sides.

What PR friendly blogging means, iFabbo

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Imagine you are the PR manager.

Outreach managers work with a specific target in mind. They have a client with a product and that client wants a specific group of bloggers to use their product. That only leaves one question: is your blog easy enough to find and to navigate?

  • Make sure to have your name and email clearly stated on your blog. No one likes the mass email “Hi blogger”, so give them a name to address you the right way! Fake or real, it doesn’t even matter.

Missing social media links & email addresses are still the #1 reason for being left out! If you want to be found, make it easy for busy PR folks. If it takes them longer than 20 seconds to find your name, chances are they will stop looking.

  •  If you have specific details and criteria on what type of PR you are interested in, create something like a PR/Media or Contact Me page. Here you can give all the details on what type of promotions, sponsorships etc. you are interested in and how to reach you best. 
  • If you want to clarify your situation, what products you prefer, down to what your skin type is, state so! The more details companies and outreach managers know, the better they can tailor a PR pitch to your needs and the more likely you will be able to start a valuable relationship that lasts.

Tip: Find here more information on how to negotiate with brands about compensation.

If you feel like reaching out yourself…

Waiting for a community manager to reach out to you is not your thing? No problem! Brand-blogger relationships are a two-way street. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Be specific: If you know the name and email address, use them. As much as you dislike the awkward “dear blogger” situation, they don’t like it either.
  • Give them a reason to work with you. Why are you the best blogger to use and what can you offer them? Have you worked on a post before that relates to their brand, used their products? All these details can help persuade the company to choose you for their new campaign.
  • Don’t just say “hi, here I am”. Go all in and win them over by suggesting ideas on how to work together. Give examples and be as specific as possible. If they realize you have already put enough thought into it and done half their job, rest assured you will end up on their short list for bloggers to work with!

See what other bloggers had to say in our #iFabboTweetMeet recap on How to reach out to your favorite brands.

What is your experience with being “PR friendly”? Any tips on how to strenghten the relationship with brands as a blogger?

Besides working for iFabbo, Jessica is the beauty blogger behind http://jezzdallasmakeup.blogspot.com/

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