20 Questions with Bee of Style Island

Posted on February 19, 2014

iFabbo Blogger of the MonthName: Bee Geller

Location: New York City

Blog: http://style-island.com

Blog niche: fashion and lifestyle

Twitter: @styleisland

Facebook: Style Island

1. What is your blog about?
Style Island is your one stop shop for all things shopping, style, food, fashion, culture and travel. All set against the backdrop of a Woody Allen-esque love of New York City and the island of Manhattan. An NYC Lifestyle blog that highlights the best in food, trends and travel, including the places that we journey and the places we dream of journeying, home recipes, and fancy plates, stories of love and style. All with a witty charm, personal voice and optimistic eye. Style is a state of mind and Style Island, the destination where that mind goes to wander and play.
2. When did you start blogging?
I created my blog in late 2011, just as an outlet to write but it’s only in the last year that I’ve decided to pursue my dreams of making it a full-time career and begun taking it to the next level, monetizing it and making it a business.
3. What do you like about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is the creative freedom to express myself. Even when I’m doing a sponsored post or covering a product, I aim to write in my own personal, eccentric voice and I find that having that outlet has done wonders for nursing my creativity. I also have always had a passion for trend forecasting and now I can put those actual ideas down as tangible advice, thoughts and content.
4. Why did you decide to start a blog?
Originally my blog began simply as an outlet for my writing and penchant for creating outfits that stuck out and expressed my funky side as well as my love for true style and predicting trends. I’d been dreaming of starting one for years and never did, so when I finally bit the bullet and went for it, it felt so good to get all my ideas out there. I never imagined that anyone would read it and I would usually write after work or on my lunch hour, before returning to my desk job. As I continued and got better and better and more professional, I realized that sub conscious dream I had of making this a career might actually be able to go from mind to reality.
I began looking at it as a career and not a hobby and have been pursuing these goals ever since. Though it started simply as a journal of sorts, I realized that it actually felt amazing to offer content to people that they might not have gotten otherwise, and in a very saturated industry, maybe it was possibly to create an individual voice and business for yourself that others would care about.
5. How did you choose your blog’s title?
The idea for Style Island originated from a high school essay I wrote and my obsession with the movie Manhattan. I recently stumbled upon this essay when cleaning out my closet, and felt immense pride in myself. The essay was about something we wanted to accomplish or start for ourselves when we grew up. I wrote about my dream to start my own magazine called the Island and how it would feature everything about the city of New York that makes me love it so much, from style and fashion, to food, and love.  In that vein, the blog Style Island comes from the island of Manhattan, my home town and the tagline refers to the idea that New York City is akin to an episode of survivor. It’s a jungle out there and only the fashionable will survive.
6. Which blogging platform do you use? Why?  
WordPress, I think its the most flexible and creative of the platforms. I was on wordpress.com for a long time and recently revamped my entire site and look and switched to wordpress.org as self hosting. I think this allows me the freedom to monetize properly but also allows for more creative freedom then some of the other platforms.
 7. What is the biggest challenge when it comes to blogging? 
Since I have made the turn from personal blog to business, my biggest challenge has been learning how to effectively and productively work from home and as my own boss. Since I am someone who works best with structure, I am learning how to put impart that structure and specific goals onto myself, since if I don’t push myself, no one else will. I am also always trying to learn how to grow my readership and traffic more.
8. Do you monetize your blog? 
Yes, I am on several affiliate networks but most of my monetization comes from sponsored posts and featured content for other brands or businesses.
9. What are your biggest blogging achievements?
So far, my biggest blogging accomplishment blogging was last year when I was picked to one of 20 Duane Reade Vip blogger & brand ambassadors. This has opened the door to working with many exciting clients and attending various VIP events I would have never had the opportunity to experience. I also was recently picked as a People Style Watch Style Hunter which has already proven to be an exciting title allowing me access to amazing products I can wear and cover accordingly. Lastly, having the courage to attend a blogger conference on my own last year was a huge accomplishment business wise but even more so as a personal feat.
10. What is the worst blogging mistake you ever made?
I can’t speak to one large mistake but I think overall, some mistakes I’ve made are not producing content quickly enough. I’ve had a million ideas that I don’t necessarily act on fast enough. Then I see the same or similar idea on other much bigger publications and wish I had gotten my own take on it out there first. I am learning from this and trying to produce in a more timely manner.
11. What are your favorite blogs? 
I’m not really a huge fan of straight style blogs, I find them pretty boring. But the only two that truly stands out for me are Blair of Atlantic-Pacific and Sincerely Jules. They have such great style and never displays any of it or the brands in a pretentious or out of touch way, wearing items many times over and mixing high-end with lower end. For lifestyle, I love Vmac and Cheese and The Everygirl. For inspiration the Kate Spade blog and as a writer, I look up to Leandra Medine, (Man repeller).
12. What type of camera do you use?
When I shoot I use a Canon Power shot sx30 but my boyfriend does almost all of my photography with his camera which is a Nikon D3200.
13. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I’m actually pretty shy, which people who know me really well already know, but for others that have met me and heard this, most people are pretty surprised and don’t believe me. I can be loud, unfiltered and obviously a lot of myself is up for the world to see daily. But behind all that, I’m a very shy and private person.
14. Who is the one person you’d like to meet?
Oh gosh this is a tough one as there are so many amazing fashion icons I’d die to meet. But since I’ve been in love with Adam Sandler from the tender age of 10; an everlasting love that has lasted over 2 decades, I’d have to say my jewish love god Adam! I’ve almost met him several times but the stars never fully aligned but there’s still hope for us! Adam, are you listening?
15. What is your day job? 
Up until last year I was working in corporate fashion for over 9 years but since 2013 I have been working as a full-time blogger, freelance writer and owner of my own vintage jewelry business Beecharmernyc.com
16. If you could describe your personal style in one word or phrase, what would that be?
Ever-changing or eclectic. I am never one style, I go from preppy to funky to classic, vintage and back again.
17. Whose style inspires you? 
Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seberg, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and from today’s time, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston. And of course, my alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw!
18. What is your MUST HAVE beauty or fashion item?
Rosebud Salve strawberry lip balm, Guerlain bronzer powder, a pair of sneakers and a great blowout.
19. Tell us the story about how you became an iFabbo member:
I was perusing Twitter, Facebook, trying to find a terrific network of bloggers to join when I stumbled upon iFabbo. I immediately signed up, added the badge to my site and have been an active member ever since.
20. What is your favorite thing about being an iFabbo member?
There are so many reasons why this is a fantastic community to be a part of but one of the best ones is the interaction with other bloggers on the site, as well as the opportunity to be feel like a part of something special. Access to brands and products that you can review allows your content to be seen by people you might not have otherwise known about and other weekly features like Favorites of the Week, and Blogger of the Month give bloggers and writers like me the opportunity to not only show their stuff but feel good about reaching others out there like them.

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