Top Mobile Apps for Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

Posted on January 8, 2014


Managing a fashion or beauty blog can be more challenging than some other blog niches, but that doesn’t stop iFabbo members! In our world, it is incredibly important to stay organized and post regularly. So what happens when we can’t reach our computer? Obviously we jump on our phones and tablets!

It can be hard to find a comfortable space on your mobile browser that still allows you to do the creative work necessary to run your blog from anywhere in the world. That’s why we have put together a list of blogging apps catered especially to the fashion and beauty crowd!

Blogging Platforms

The most important app to have is obviously the blogging platform you use. For most of you, that’s either Blogger, WordPress or tumblr.

unnamed-1 wordpress tumblr-logo
appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

Social Media

Then you have all of the social networking apps. But you knew that part, right?

facebook-logo twitter Instagram Pinterest_Shiny_Icon.svg_
appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge
youtube google-plus-app-icon-300x300 mzl.cazfxoou vine
appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of social networking for your blog, you can read more about it in one of our posts where we showcase iFabbo members’ ideas on how social media helps bloggers! While you’re at it, check out this post about all the social media trends and tools for 2014.

Managing your Blog

Now we move onto the fun stuff! If you have a Facebook page for your blog (which you should!) then you’re going to want to add the Facebook Pages Manager app to manage that page while you’re on the go. The regular Facebook app just does not work well for managing pages, and that’s why Facebook created this app! From here, you can view and post to your page, view insights and edit administrators, as well as liking, commenting and interacting with others from the page.

unnamed-2 appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

Google Analytics is an extremely important program for all bloggers. This is how we know what our readers like and don’t like, when and how frequently we should post and what our blog statistics are. Google hasn’t actually released an app for iOS, however there is still a great option called Dashboard for Google Analytics on iTunes!



Scope is a relatively new app, but one worth mentioning. This app basically combines all of your social networks into one feed. No more checking Facebook, then exiting that app to check twitter. With Scope, you’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and tumblr all in one place! You can post to all networks at once, or post individually. The only downside is that this app is only currently offered for android devices.

bberryblog-regala-10-000-codigos-de-invitacion-de-socialscope Google-Play-Badge


If you are going to be away from home (without a laptop), chances are you’re going to want to keep up with other blogs. After all, part of getting people to read your blog is interacting with others on their blogs, right? For this, we suggest using Bloglovin’. Since the Internet lost Google Reader, Bloglovin’ has become a very popular RSS reader website. You can add the blogs you read individually or import all your previous information from Google Reader!

bloglovin appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

Pocket used to be called Read it Later. The Pocket app allows you to save any article that you are interested in, on your browser, in an app or in an email, which you can access from any of your other devices! This makes it super easy to keep track of new blogs you want to follow, articles you want to read or reference later, videos you don’t have time to watch, and so much more. The possibilities really are endless and this app is a handy little accessory to carry in your pocket!

pocket appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

Blogging Productivity

Dropbox is a great app to transfer files from one location to another through the cloud. Keep a running blog idea document, store pictures that you want to share, create linked files between you and friends, view PDFs on the go and more.

dropbox appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

Evernote is basically a catchall for blogging ideas. Instead of scribbling something on a napkin, you can save it on your mobile device with Evernote. We use it regularly to expand on ideas, and/or write entire posts within the app. You can create templates for series posts, clip web articles that you want to reference later and keep all that draft clutter out of your actual blog platform. What’s better is that it automatically syncs with your desktop computer! With Evernote, you’ll never lose out on a great idea.

Evernote appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

For those of you who are Type-A personalities that live for lists, this is for you! Wunderlist allows you to create unlimited list categories and set due dates for each individual item. You can even create subtasks under each list item. It will send a push notification to remind you what’s due each week and it syncs directly to your desktop.

wunderlist appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge


We all want to share really high quality images in our blog posts and on social media, but we don’t always have access to the full Photoshop experience! Easily edit photos on the go with Adobe Photoshop Express. This is especially helpful when posting high quality images to Instagram! Even just a small touch up could mean all the difference with the impact of your images.

unnamed-3 appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

We hate to say it, but sometimes people try to steal work that you’ve created and use it as their own. iWatermark will help to keep your work from being taken, and you can use it anywhere! You can use any text or upload a photo of your logo to use as a watermark.

mzl.wowdgqrl appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

Fashion & Beauty

Everyone has heard of Polyvore and some of our members live by it. Now there’s an (iOS only) app to create your favorite outfits on the go! Polyvore is a seriously amazing tool for fashion bloggers and we love the
option of using it on our mobile devices.

polyvore appstore

StyleBook is a little like Polyvore, but it allows you to import the clothes from your actual closet into your unlimited virtual closet! With this app, you can organize and create looks on your mobile device and upload them straight to your blog or social media sites! You can use it to search your closet for the perfect pair of shoes or share tomorrow’s outfit ideas with your BFF. This one might be a little expensive, but totally worth it if you ask us! Sadly, it’s only available on iOS.

women appstore

GoodGuide is a different kind of fashion and beauty app. With green living on the rise, this app allows users to walk into any store in the US and scan the barcode of a product to learn all the facts about whether the product is safe, healthy, green and socially responsible. They even give number ratings for each product based on these categories. If you’re cautious about what you support and use on your body, then this is the app for you!

unnamed-4 appstoreGoogle-Play-Badge

These are the apps that we absolutely love and we hope you do to! Do you have any other apps that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments and be sure to join us on twitter tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST for our #iFabboTweetMeets discussion about the best mobile apps!

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7 Responses to “Top Mobile Apps for Fashion & Beauty Bloggers”

  • Dima Al Mahsiri
    Twitter: TipforNatBeauty

    I would love to try Evernote app, it would save my time, by never losing my research results.
    Thanks for sharing !
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted..Easy Skin Care Regimen for Dry skinMy Profile

  • Tammerly @ spoilt
    Twitter: spoiltblog

    Jennifer, you are an absolute genius! Thank you so much for sharing these apps with fellow bloggers. There are so many here that I never knew about. Can’t wait to get stuck in to them!
    Tammerly @ spoilt recently posted..Summer Beauty Tips From The Australasian College BroadwayMy Profile

  • Hey!
    The one app on my phone, that is a “must have” is called “Poster”.
    If you manage multiple blogs (both self hosted and free), you can upload them all!

    The purpose of the app is to help make posts and pages,extremely easily!
    I downloaded it at first because the wordpress app was just not working well at the time. And wouldn’t let me upload photos, it was crashing,etc.

    So, I found poster! If I’m not near a computer, then I will type up my blog post (or page)! You can add your categories,tags,featured images, as well as images on your post, super easy.
    It’s been a life savor for me many times!

    The only recommendation I have, is to log into WordPress when your by a computer, and make sure you go through the SEO process, and anything else like that.

    Check it out! You wont regret it!
    Thank you for the tips!
    Heather Lynn :-)

  • This post is an amazing resource for keeping blogging easy, fun, and organized! I would love it if you guys would do an updated version of this blog post. I have actually found tons of newer apps that are extremely helpful as a blogger such as photo editing apps, etc.

  • Thank you for this extensive list! I also created a list of iPhone apps for fashionistas, read this if you have iPhone:
    Fashion Allure recently posted..What to Wear to a Holiday Christmas Party? We Asked Tamara Mellon!My Profile

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