The good guest-posting guide for bloggers

Posted on January 5, 2012

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Guest posting can be very beneficial in several ways. For the author, the most benefit often comes from the backlinks. For example, I am working on the keyword “dog costumes” on a new site. By publishing guest posts with links to the site using that term, I move up in the search engine rankings over time for it. However, there are other benefits. I also get some direct traffic and exposure in social media, and I learn about new sites when looking for people to publish my items. For the publisher, the benefit lies in free quality content and exposure from the author who should work to promote the article that was placed on your site.

Tips for guest-post authors

The key to successful guest posting is to write good content and promote it. Seek to write articles that are relevant to your key words and place them on relevant sites. However, note that cross posting to related, but not exactly on-point, niches can widen your exposure. So, a fashion blogger might be interested in a make-up post and vice versa. There is no need to limit yourself to just one niche. Try to consider the following with all of your posts:

  1. Make the post at least 350 words. 500+ words is even better. This assures good content for your host and for surrounding your links, which makes the search engines happy.
  2. Aim for your key link to be in the first paragraph, which gives it a bit more oomph with the search engines. Don’t be spammy. Do your best to make your keyword natural to the sentence that it is in. Be aware that not all sites will allow links in the body of the article and consider being willing to move it if needed. Leave less relevant links for the bio. (For example, if I write a post on running with your dog for a fitness site, my “dog costumes” link is likely going to have to be in the bio, but “dog leashes” might fit in the body.)
  3. Most experts feel that one link in the body is all that is recommended to avoid dilution of other links. Then one or two links in the bio is fine. Typically an article will only have one to two links and maybe three tops if it’s longer.
  4. Practice the Golden Rule. If you wouldn’t run it on your own site, don’t submit it here.
  5. Don’t get hung up on the page rank (PR) of the publishing site. Your post will be on the front page for only a few days, then it will be on a PR 0 page for quite some time. PR of a site does flow some to internal pages, but if you spend your time ignoring opportunities to publish on lower PR sites and newer sites, you will miss opportunities for diversity of sites for your link, which is also quite important.
  6. Promote your guest posts. Tweet, like, stumble etc the posts when they are published. Watch for comments on the post and respond to them. Help promote your publishers!

Tips for publishers

Decide what your rules are in regard to links and try to be consistent. Some publishers like to avoid links in the body of guest posts, or limit links to one, which is fine, but you may have guest posters who won’t choose you if you are too limiting. Let authors know what your rules are. Especially keep the following in mind:

  1. Guest posters are often doing it for the links. Don’t alter them, remove them, or set them to nofollow.
  2. Discuss any desired edits with the author and don’t add other links or material to the post without discussing it with them.
  3. Add a photo to posts if you have one that works.
  4. Tweet, like, stumble, etc the guest posts that appear on your site. Help promote your authors!

Tips for everyone

Try to publish and place posts across a variety of sites. That’s often the most beneficial for everyone in terms of both search rankings and general social-media exposure. It also helps assure that everyone gets a chance to both place posts and to publish them. Finally, promote, promote, promote. If everyone promotes each other’s guest posts, that will assure that they end up indexed and that other benefits aside from search placement take place.

Note: This guide was written for the Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, and Lifestyle Guest Posting group on Facebook, a group to help facilitate guest post placements among bloggers in those areas. If you are a blogger focusing on a relevant topic, you can request membership here.

What are your tips for guest-posting?

4 Responses to “The good guest-posting guide for bloggers”

  • Cheryl from BusiChic
    Twitter: Busichic

    What a helpful post! I’ve just started writing guest-posts to spread the word about my business fashion blog and had no idea about the importance of position he placement of links etc so thank you for the tips.

    I’ve just requested membership to the group and will be sure to tweet this link:)

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