Instagram on the Web, Microsoft Surface Pro, Twitter Ups the Age Restriction on Vine

Posted on February 9, 2013
Photo by RICCIO via Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo by RICCIO via Flickr Creative Commons.

As bloggers, we have to pay attention to more than just our blog niches.  Blogging technology, social media, and community management are important, too.  Each week, iFabbo will bring you the top news in these categories that you didn’t get a chance to read.

After selling itself to AOL, the online identity website has bought itself back, claiming it can make itself better and faster as an independent company.  [The New York Times]

You can finally view your Instagram feed on the web.  You can’t upload photos or add filters, though.  [Mashable]

Facebook will implement little blue icons on ads targeted to users starting the end of March.  However, you have to hover over the ad to see the little blue icon, so… thanks for trying, Facebook.  [AdAge]

The Surface Pro, Microsoft’s second attempt at a tablet, goes on sale today.  Reviews tend to rank it middling at best.  [The Verge]

Running a search on Twitter used to pull up just a week’s worth of tweets.  Now the company has upgraded the feature to pull posts older than that.  [Engadget]

You don’t have to use pay for photo editing.  Aviary, the free photo editing software, is joining Photobucket, another partnership amongst its current deals with Flickr, Twitter, imgur, and MailChimp, and others.  [TechCrunch]

Twitter’s new video-sharing app, Vine, ups its age rating to 17+ due to an unexpected deluge of pornography. [Mashable]

Who can keep up with Terms of Service or Privacy Policy changes?  No one, that’s who.  Docracy tracks every change for top sites on the Internet.  Policies have recently changed for ShopStyle, Nordstrom, Skype, Twitter, Bitly, and eBay–and that’s just a few of them.  [Docracy]

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One Response to “Instagram on the Web, Microsoft Surface Pro, Twitter Ups the Age Restriction on Vine”

  • The Microsoft Surface Pro is an interesting device in concept (blazing fast processor, good display, full Microsoft on a tablet), but why on earth would one purchase a tablet with such horrible battery life?

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