26. 07. 2013

How to Promote and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You have put a lot of time and effort into creating and designing your blog, writing posts, and uploading content. However, your work is not done yet. To get the most out of...

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04. 06. 2013
Photo by College by Degrees360 via Flickr

Why no one is reading your blog!

You build your blog, work hard on your content and the only thing missing – traffic! People actually reading your blog and coming back for more! Your blog looks great, you put a...

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13. 03. 2013
Photo from Studio 41 Creative

iFabbo Tweet Meets – Social Media, Marketing and Blogging with Natalie Grinnell

We’re loving #iFabboTweetMeets!  Our latest chat was with Natalie Grinnell of Miss Social, Studio 41 Creative, and Digitally Chic.  Natalie gave some valuable advice on blogging, social media and marketing.  If you missed...

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04. 10. 2012

Blog Contests Part 1: Basic Training

Hello, Troops!  We’re here to cut through the fog and tell you what you need to know about hosting blog contests and giveaways.  Part one is just the basics. Attention, Please! Promoting a...

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23. 03. 2012
Photo by LightWitch Courtney Brooke via Flickr Creative Commons

How your writing style can help or hurt your blog’s traffic

There’s a saying in marketing that “copy is king”. Besides having fresh news and interesting insights, your content needs to be written in a style that flows naturally and grabs the attention of...

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21. 02. 2012
Promote your blog

4 effective ways to promote your blog

Once you’ve got great content on your blog and starting to get an audience, you’re thinking, “How do I grow the readership? What else can I do to compete with the other millions...

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13. 02. 2012

Why Pinterest made me reconsider how I create blog posts (& you should too)

“Makeover blog” has been on my to-do list for quite a while. In fact, it’s always on that list. You see, the downside to being able to install WordPress, design and edit themes,...

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05. 01. 2012

19 stylish steps to blogging success

The definition of a successful blog is largely in the eye of the beholder (you know, like beauty!). This is because for some bloggers, success is simply about enjoying what they’re doing, connecting...

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