24. 10. 2013
Original Image via Flickr by Pink Sherbet Photography

Branding Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

You know of brands as in companies and big name celebrities who try to expand their name and status in the public eye in order to get that profitable endorsement deal or to...

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05. 06. 2013
Photo by Studio Roosegaarde via Flickr Creative Commons

3 Ways to Write a Compelling Headline!

You’ve heard that line — you only have one chance to make a good impression? Well, that’s the same for headlines for blog posts. It’s your one chance to grab the attention of...

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31. 05. 2013
iFabbo Tweet Meets – Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite

iFabbo Tweet Meets – Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite

  You asked for it, you got it!  We’ve been getting requests to feature more professional bloggers in our #iFabboTweetMeets series, so this week we chatted with Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite....

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08. 02. 2013
The Essential Beginner's Guide to Working With Bloggers

Interview with Kimberly Nissen – Author of The Essential Beginner’s Guide To Working With Bloggers

We had the chance to sit down with Kimberly Nissen, iFabbo member and creator of ThePlasticDiaries.com to discuss her new venture as a book author. iFabbo:  Tell us about your book. KN: The...

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26. 01. 2012

Your 15 minutes of blogging fame: What to do when a reporter calls

Once you are established as a credible blogger don’t be surprised if you start to get calls from the media. Reporters actively search the Web for information and new sources for their articles...

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01. 06. 2011

Bloggers: How not to discourage PR reps from working with you

In the PR field, the pros make sure that they follow all of the rules in working with bloggers and reporters. They understand they need to create a win/win situation for both the...

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01. 05. 2011

Bloggers: Dos and don’ts of relationships with PR people

As interest in your blog grows and your readership base begins to explode, the number of PR folks contacting you also grows. At first, you may be flattered at the attention and then...

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01. 04. 2011

Bloggers: How to work with PRs and not against them

As a blogger you may be thinking that PR people from agencies or fashion brands are more of a nuisance than a help to your blog. For a moment, let’s see how you...

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