13. 03. 2014
Using Pinterest to increase traffic

5 Ways to Increase your Following on Pinterest

We’ve all been there. You log on to your computer to do some work, and before you know it, you’ve signed onto Pinterest, added over a dozen pins, and spent over an hour...

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08. 01. 2014

Top Mobile Apps for Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

Managing a fashion or beauty blog can be more challenging than some other blog niches, but that doesn’t stop iFabbo members! In our world, it is incredibly important to stay organized and post...

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06. 01. 2014
via mkhmarketing on flickr

Setting Your Pinterest Board Cover Photos & Why It’s Important

  Many of us are Pinterest addicts, pinning beauty looks, amazing outfits and breathtaking decor. However, it is important to recognize that Pinterest is also an excellent tool to promote your blog! One...

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09. 12. 2013

Social Media Image Dimensions [INFOGRAPHIC]

We know how hard it is to make your brand look consistent across all of the available social media platforms. Each website has different requirements for images and it can be so hard...

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13. 08. 2013
Pinterest Analytics

How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Bloggers are loving Pinterest as a way to promote their content and drive traffic to their blog. Pinterest’s scrapbooking model allows people to pin photos from their blog and if users find it...

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17. 07. 2013
Blog Contests: What Platforms You Need To Use

Blog Contests: What Platforms You Need to Use

Blog contests can be a great way to generate new subscribers, re-engage old readers, and create a buzz around your blog. Depending on what your goals are, there are several platforms available for...

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12. 07. 2013

Mood Boards – Useful or Waste of Time?

It can be a difficult task when it comes to gathering information, motivation, AND inspiration for a blog post. Sometimes you find yourself looking at a blank computer screen wondering what to do...

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07. 06. 2013

iFabbo Tweet Meets – Hayley of London Beauty Queen

This week for #iFabboTweetMeets we chatted with Hayley Carr of London Beauty Queen. With a multitude of blog awards under her belt, including a Cosmopolitan Award within four months of launching LBQ, Hayley now...

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07. 06. 2013
Photo by mkhmarketing via Flickr Creative Commons

Which Social Media Platform is Best For Your Blog?

So you’ve set up your blog and it’s ready to be discovered as the next big thing in the beauty or fashion blogosphere. How? Social media, of course! Personally sharing your blog with...

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27. 03. 2013
Photo by mkhmarketing via Flickr Creative Commons

Pinterest Web Analytics: How Does it Affect You?

Once upon a time, when you pinned something on Pinterest, you didn’t know the results of that pin.  How many repins did it get?  How many clicks?  Views?  Comments?  This all changed when...

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