30. 01. 2014
Image via Flickr by centralniak

Easy Tips on Scheduling Posts and Writing in Bulk

It’s a busy world and even though we would love to, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to write and publish blog posts as we like. Lucky for you, scheduling...

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03. 01. 2014
Image via Flickr by brianDhawkins

Social Media Trends and Tools for 2014

Finally, 2014 has arrived and in much anticipation so have the new trends and speculations about how social media and its users will evolve. What should you as a blogger pay more attention...

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20. 12. 2013
Original image via FLickr by Free Grunge Textures

How to increase your international followers

With millions of bloggers worldwide, blogging has become one of the most diversified communities. No matter what niche you are blogging in, the internet enables you to connect with like-minded people from all...

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08. 11. 2013
Find Favorites and Lists in your main menu.

How Twitter can Help you Increase your Audience

It is amazing how social media has made such an impact on the cyber world, connecting us to people, places, and things all over the world. This has become even more prominent with...

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08. 03. 2013

6 Best Free iPhone Twitter Apps

Twitter is a growing social media network that continues to gain popularity every day.  With this attractiveness, come numerous free apps to fulfill your twitter needs.  To make it easier, we break down...

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31. 01. 2013

3 Steps to Blog Organization

In addition to helping motivate you to get the job done, getting organized with your blog and articles can make posting faster, easier and more efficient. Here are several ways to help you...

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24. 12. 2012
Gift box

5 Gifts Any Blogger Would Love

  Wondering what would be the perfect gift to buy for your blogging self?  No need to worry!  We have five great selections any blogger would love to have in his or her...

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29. 05. 2012

Can Twitter help your blog?

Twitter – either you love it or you don’t want to be bothered with yet another social network. Twitter has increasingly become a source for breaking news and can be a great tool for...

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