19. 07. 2013

How to Organize Your Old Blog Posts & Pictures

You have all your thoughts an ideas in your blog, now your looking for an organized way to get them across to your readers. Here's a few steps to take to achieve this and a sense of a clean and organized blog!

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19. 11. 2012
Photo by John Althouse Cohen via Flickr Creative Commons

Why Every Serious Blogger Should Have an Editorial Calendar

Okay, you’ve decided to have a blog but what are you going do for content and how do you organize any incoming content from guest writers?  How do you stay true to your brand?...

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29. 05. 2012

Can Twitter help your blog?

Twitter – either you love it or you don’t want to be bothered with yet another social network. Twitter has increasingly become a source for breaking news and can be a great tool for...

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24. 04. 2012
Photo by Andre-Batista via Flickr Creative Commons

How to take advantage of your blog’s about section

Your blog is probably all about your perspective on the fashion or beauty world, but do your readers really know about why you started your blog, what you are hoping to achieve or...

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23. 03. 2012
Photo by LightWitch Courtney Brooke via Flickr Creative Commons

How your writing style can help or hurt your blog’s traffic

There’s a saying in marketing that “copy is king”. Besides having fresh news and interesting insights, your content needs to be written in a style that flows naturally and grabs the attention of...

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21. 02. 2012
Promote your blog

4 effective ways to promote your blog

Once you’ve got great content on your blog and starting to get an audience, you’re thinking, “How do I grow the readership? What else can I do to compete with the other millions...

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26. 01. 2012

Your 15 minutes of blogging fame: What to do when a reporter calls

Once you are established as a credible blogger don’t be surprised if you start to get calls from the media. Reporters actively search the Web for information and new sources for their articles...

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12. 12. 2011

Bloggers on the media: What impact do they have?

Blogs, whether a fashion blog or a political blog, have become an important force in mainstream media. At first, the media considered blogging to be a fad and quickly questioned the credibility of...

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01. 12. 2011

How bloggers can work with luxury brands

Luxury brands are finding the answer to their marketing challenge of how to reach younger and future clients who have been raised on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Brands like Coach, Diane von Furstenberg, Mango...

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08. 10. 2011

3 fast writing tips for bloggers

You’ve read tips about how to write better blogs and maybe you’ve even written a blog post about how to write better blog posts.  But as every writer knows, it’s always good to...

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