23. 01. 2014
Image via Amickman via Flickr

#iFabboTweetMeets – How to reach out to your favorite brands

Another great #iFabboTweetMeets took place this week! This week’s topic was How to Reach Out to Brands.  Our members had some amazing advice so read on for more! iFabbo Welcome to #iFabboTweetMeets tonight! We are...

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10. 05. 2013
Photo by Stevendepolo via Flickr

Why you should never sell PR Samples

                                     Being a blogger means that at one point or another, you are sent beauty or fashion items to review and feature on your blog.  Gifts or samples can be seen as part...

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10. 04. 2013

iFabbo SHOP Brand Spotlight: RocksBox

Recently here at iFabbo we’ve launched the new SHOP Platform, debuting brands such as Hydroxatone, OWN, and this week’s featured brand – RocksBox!  If you don’t know about the SHOP, check out this...

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15. 03. 2013

The 7 Top Social Media Sites

Social Media is basically defined as any form of electronic communication.  In the online community, social media makes it simple to connect with people on a personal as well as a professional level. ...

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11. 03. 2013

Why You Need Separate Professional and Personal Social Media Accounts

Have you ever heard the phrase don’t mix business with pleasure?  Social Media can make or break you in a nanosecond.  The minute you post something, the world sees it.  Case in point,...

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08. 02. 2013
The Essential Beginner's Guide to Working With Bloggers

Interview with Kimberly Nissen – Author of The Essential Beginner’s Guide To Working With Bloggers

We had the chance to sit down with Kimberly Nissen, iFabbo member and creator of ThePlasticDiaries.com to discuss her new venture as a book author. iFabbo:  Tell us about your book. KN: The...

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08. 02. 2013
Courtesy of PushPR

London Fashion Week Discussion with Push PR

Fashion Week is officially upon us and we are experiencing a small case of Fashion Week fever.  We chatted with Emma Hart of Push PR this week to find out her FW staples,...

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24. 12. 2012

No Offense! Negative Reviews the Right Way

Have you ever purchased or been gifted an item for review that didn’t cut the mustard?  Maybe the formula was too thick or the product looked patchy when applied.  Perhaps it’s a product...

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04. 01. 2011

10 Smart tips for brands who work with bloggers

PR professionals and brand representatives may be well-versed in the art of gaining publicity from traditional media outlets (newspapers, magazines, television, etc.), but many are not as experienced when it comes to dealing...

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