Submit your best blogging tips!

iFabbo members! We want to hear from YOU! What’s your best blogging tip? We’re looking for those that are interesting, unusual, quirky and entertaining! It doesn’t have to be complicated or advanced (in fact, simple is great!). It might just be something you’ve discovered at some point and thought, “Wow, that really works!”.

Here are five examples:

  1. “When I changed the color of the heading on my newsletter sign-up field, I started getting five more subscribers per day.”
  2. “I’ve found that whenever I write really short tweets, they get RTed more often. I think it’s because they stand out a little more in busy Twitter streams.”
  3. “Whenever I end a post with a question, people tend to leave more comments. It makes it easier for them to think of something to say, and gets the conversation going.”
  4. “When I run competitions or giveaways, I like to ask a question as part of the entry requirements, such as ‘What’s your best eye make-up tip?’. The answers can then be turned into posts such as ‘The 100 best eye make-up tips’.” (Just make sure entrants know their answers will be used and credited!)
  5. “My readers love the CommentLuv plugin – it’s a must-have, and drives traffic to my visitors’ blogs.”

(And yes, these are real tips from our founding member, Bree!)

We’ll pick a selection and share them (credited to you, of course!) in an upcoming post


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