5 Steps to Improve Your Blog Today!

Posted on August 23, 2013

Do you sometimes put off things on your blog that you know you should really invest your time into? We may all be guilty of this. Once you get up the motivation to make changes to your blog, take a few of these steps into consideration. They may help in improving your blog from content traffic to an increase in subscribers.

via Flickr by SeanKeeley

via Flickr by SeanKeeley

Amp Up Your ‘About Me’ Page

If you look  up your analytics you’ll find that your About Me page is one of the most visited pages after your main page. Your readers want to know who you are before learning what you have to say. That’s why you should invest your time in making sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

How can you do it? Read here.

Fix Your Blog’s Sidebar

Your blog visitors will see your blog’s sidebar on almost every single page they visit (aside from your landing pages, of course). The big problem with most blog sidebars is that people put too much  in them like posts, opt-in forms, graphics, ads, social media badges, awards, logos, and whatever else they can think of. This can increase the chance of your readers becoming confused, and then frustrated. Find out what is essential and most important to you blog, and include it in your side-bar. This can include a subscribe link, links to resource pages, and your most popular posts. Things like badges and all your social networks can afford to be included somewhere in your about me page.

Consider Installing a Feature Box

Not many bloggers are familiar with using a feature box simply because they don’t know what it is! Before you can understand the Feature Box in Thesis, it helps to know a little about Thesis. Thesis is a fee-based template – sometimes called a skin or framework – that allows you to change the default appearance and functionality of a website or blog you create using the WordPress platform. It provides options not available with a standard WordPress interface, such as different controls, layout designs and design options, including the Feature Box. Enabling and using the Feature Box in Thesis can enhance both the design and effectiveness of your site.  Add a Feature box into your Thesis design.

Create a Resource Page

No matter what type of blog you’re building, you’re building a resource center with a high amount of available content.  So how can you make that content easy to find? If you want your new readers and loyal subscribers to find what they want, resource pages are the solution. Resource pages are also great for ranking in search engines.

Find Your “Hot Posts”

Most blogs have a few hot posts in their archives, and they’re not always the ones you’d expect. These posts are real opportunities because there are people viewing them. Once you’ve identified your hot posts, think about how you can optimize them. You might put a bit more time into optimizing them for SEO, or think about how to hook visitors of that page into subscribing. You might also want to even think about promoting a product (yours or someone else’s) from that post.

Have you recently took on a blog improvement task? What were your results after doing so?

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