St. Patrick’s Day for Blog Inspiration

Posted on March 14, 2013
St. Patrick. Photo by Fergal Mac Eoinin via Flickr Creative Commons

St. Patrick.
Photo by Fergal Mac Eoinin
via Flickr Creative Commons

This coming Sunday, many of us will rifle through our wardrobes for all things green to look the part for annual holiday, St Patrick’s Day.  Celebrated on the 17th of March each year, the holiday is named after (you guessed it) St Patrick, the most widely recognized patron saint of Ireland.  Although only an official public holiday in Ireland and a handful of other places, the holiday is celebrated all around the globe and is more a celebration of Irish culture than the religious holiday it originates from.

St Patrick’s Day began as a Roman Catholic ‘feast day’ all the way back in the ninth and tenth centuries.  Surprisingly little is known about the much-celebrated Saint, but it is thought that the holiday falls on March 17th as that was the supposed day of St Patrick’s death.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking it a morbid holiday, as St Paddy’s Day is most definitely quite the opposite.

With it being a national holiday in Ireland, almost all businesses shut for the day, with the obvious exception of pubs and restaurants which are almost certainly to be full to the brim with those celebrating.  A three-day St Patrick’s Day Festival will also take place in Dublin and is definitely the place to be on this March 17th.  Although not an official holiday in the rest of the United Kingdom or in the United States, it doesn’t stop them from joining the party.  St Patrick’s Day parades will take place in both London and New York City, as well as many other cities in both the US and UK.  In fact, America was actually the first to put on a parade all the way back in 1762 when Irish soldiers marched through New York City.  Chicago will even colour its river bright green on March 16th.  Not just confined to the US and UK, St Paddy’s will be celebrated on the Caribbean island of Montserrat with an entire week devoted to the day.

Dyeing the Chicago River green in 2011.Photo by Monika Thorpe via Flickr Creative Commons.

Dyeing the Chicago River green in 2011.
Photo by Monika Thorpe via Flickr Creative Commons.

Whether Irish or not it’s a fantastic opportunity to let your hair down and, with March 17th falling on a Sunday this year, there is no excuse not to join the festivities!  On St Patrick’s Day, green is the new black and shamrocks are the latest fashion accessories, so why not blog about your St Paddy’s outfit?  In fact, St Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity for some quirky blog posts.  If you’re stuck in a blogging rut, in need of fresh content or just fancy a good party, then don’t let the day pass you by!  Now who wants a pint of Guinness…

Did you write about St. Patrick’s Day on your blog?  Share it with us in the comments!

Abbi Tanton

This is a guest post by Abbi Tanton.  In addition to interning with iFabbo, Abbi is also the girl behind  Oh No Another Beauty Blog, a blog all about (you guessed it!) make-up and beauty. 

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