Setting Your Pinterest Board Cover Photos & Why It’s Important

Posted on January 6, 2014


via mkhmarketing on flickr

via mkhmarketing on flickr

Many of us are Pinterest addicts, pinning beauty looks, amazing outfits and breathtaking decor. However, it is important to recognize that Pinterest is also an excellent tool to promote your blog! One way to drive more traffic to your blog is by posting your images to Pinterest and linking those back to the specific blog post. Before you do that, however, you have to gain followers. And in order to gain followers, they have to quickly and easily decide that they want to follow your boards. Yes, we mean that people are judging your board by its cover, that is why it’s so important to make that cover a good one!

Why It’s Important to Set your Cover Photos on Your Pin Board

Pinterest automatically chooses a cover photo for your boards when you create a board and start pinning. That might have been years ago! Plus, the image might not be good quality or it might be cropped in an unappealing way. To keep your boards fresh and eye-catching, you simply must set your own board images every now and then.

The most important factors for choosing a cover photo for your board are:

  • Is the image high quality?
  • Is it a colorful, eye-catching image?
  • Does the image fit well within the constraints of the board cover?
  • Does the image represent the board content?

Here is an example of a set of iFabbo’s Pinterest board covers that have been automatically generated by Pinterest:


Here is an example of the same boards, after we’ve selected really striking cover art:


In the first set of boards, you can see that the cover for the Photography Board had an image of nail art supplies and we changed that to an eye-catching image of a girl holding a camera in front of a red background. The image on the cover of the second board, Holiday Beauty & Nail Art, was okay but we found something that conveyed our meaning a bit better in the Candy Cane striped nail art with dramatic pointed acrylics! The first cover photo of the Emerald 2013 board has a pair of cut off legs that was really confusing, but we changed that to a swatch of Emerald instead. Finally, the Blogging Tips board had a cluttered image and it was difficult to see what was in the picture. We changed that to a very easy to understand image of the word “blog” arranged in stamps. What a difference!

How to Change The Cover Photos on Your Pin Board

Now that we’ve determined the importance of creating a good cover for your Pinterest boards, let’s talk about exactly how to do that!

Step 1: View your profile by going up to the bar at the top of any Pinterest page and selecting your profile name. A drop-down menu should appear, select “Your Profile & Pins”. This is the page where you can see all of your boards.


Step 2: Hover over any board. A button should appear in the center of the board cover that says “Change Cover”. Select that button.


Step 3: A pop-up should appear that says “Change Board Cover / Board Name” with an image and an arrow to the right. You can scroll through and select the image you’d like for the board cover.


Step 4: Before selecting “Save Changes”, be sure to position the image that you have selected as your board cover. To do this, simply hover over the image until you see a cursor with arrows pointing in four directions, then while holding down your mouse button, move the image within the box. Any part of the image that is grayed out will not be seen in the cover photo.

Step 5: Select the red “Save Changes” button in the lower right hand corner and you’re done!

Repositioning Boards

Another interesting note is that you can also rearrange your boards! Simply click and hold on any board and drag it into the position you want it.

Deleting Boards

If you’ve decided that you no longer want a specific board on your page, simply delete it! To do this, select the Edit button underneath any board cover and look in the bottom left hand corner for the delete button.

If you want a more in depth example of how updating your cover photos can help the look and feel of your Pinterest profile, take a look at our Pinterest page! And don’t forget to follow our boards for your daily dose of fashion and beauty PINspiration!

Have any tips or tricks for us that we didn’t include? Leave us a comment below or tweet at us about it!

3 Responses to “Setting Your Pinterest Board Cover Photos & Why It’s Important”

  • I definitely agree that having an appealing pin board cover is important for gaining followers – and it’s a very easy task to do, which is on the plus side! It can also be fun to choose what you would like to have as your cover photo; be creative when choosing it!

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