Pack Your Bags: What to bring to the iFabbo Social Media Conference – October 12, 2013

Posted on September 19, 2013




In the increasingly virtual world we all live in, opportunities to network face to face are a treasure because they’re few and far between. This is your chance to make an impact on peers, speakers and sponsors with your style sense and fabulous personality. Pre-planning can be the difference between you landing that elusive partnership contact or falling flat on your face. But never fear! iFabbo is here to help you plan your toolset for ultimate success!

1. Business Cards
If you don’t already have business cards, start creating and getting them printed now! When the conference is said and done, this is what you leave your contacts with to remember you by. Printing business cards is surprisingly inexpensive and easy! Check out sites like Moo and VistaPrint that will let you customize the size, graphics and text. Consider including at least your Name, E-mail, Website link and whatever social media (Twitter! Instagram! Pinterest!) handles you use the most.

2. Business Card Holder
And we’re not talking about just a holder for your business cards. When you’re networking with others, the last thing you want to do is lose their contact information in the abyss of your purse. (Because let’s face it, everyone has a small black hole in there.) Find cute business card holders on Etsy or be creative and repurpose a pouch, clutch or cute gift card holder you already have.

3. Camera
A camera will be your best friend during this conference. Whether you’re a photography buff with your DSLR, love your compact, pretty digital camera or are an efficient smart phone user, this will be your means for capturing your day to share with your readers instantaneously via social media or later on your blog.

4. Social Media Apps
This IS a Social Media Conference, so make sure to have your portable device loaded with your favorite social media applications! Fan favorites are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, but there are tons of others out there! Load them on your phone or tablet, establish an account and prepare to use them!

5. Something to Take Notes on
iFabbo is working on getting killer speakers and content for your to use to launch you into the blogging stratosphere. But if you can’t capture notes to review later, how will you write that comprehensive conference recap post? We all live in a world of gadgets and productivity apps, so pick your poison. Love gadgets? Go for your laptop, tablet or smart phone. We like note taking apps like EverNote and Google Docs. Like a note taking method you actually touch? There’s nothing like a good old notebook and a pen. And really? Bring a notebook anyway in case your gadget runs out of batters. Which leads us to our next suggestion…

6. Charger
You will spend action packed hours taking notes, Tweeting, taking pictures and basically never letting your phone/tablet/laptop go to sleep. Batteries drain fast! Bring a charger for your devices and strategically plan to recharge to get the most bang for your battery life. And having that notebook as a fall back won’t hurt either.

7. Large Tote/Purse
Two Criteria: Comfort and Size. You need a cute bag to put all your devices, business cards and notebook in. Not to mention, you’ll be getting goody bags, handouts, and other paraphernalia throughout the day. Make sure you have a bag large enough to carry your belongings and it’s comfortable enough to lug around, WITH all its contents, all day.

We at iFabbo believe that these tools will set you up to be successful during the iFabbo Social Media Conference. But! We know our members are just as, if not smarter, than we are! What else would YOU bring to the conference?

Have you heard about the iFabbo Social Media Conference? Join us in San Francisco on October 12th, 2013, for an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience. Click here for more details!

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