Networking Basics for Bloggers

Posted on February 28, 2013
Photo by daniel_iversen via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by daniel_iversen via Flickr Creative Commons

Networking is very beneficial for any profession.  It helps you to establish strong bonds with others in your field. Along with attaining more exposure for your blog, you will meet new people and develop new contacts to open numerous opportunities.  Let us get you started with these four helpful networking tips.

#1 Be Active on Social Media Websites.

Joining and creating accounts on social media websites are always an excellent start.   A few popular social media websites today include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. They are all very easy to join and begin networking. These websites not only let you share blog posts, but also be able to interact with fellow bloggers who have the same interests as yourself by commenting, tweeting, and liking items on their page(s).  It also helps when you find blogs you like, most of the time you will find their social media buttons on their page, which will make it easier to also follow them on their other websites.

Don’t forget to join iFabbo on our social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

#2 Follow Other Blogs.

Gaining many followers will not occur overnight.  It takes a lot of work and patience.  It helps to follow other blogs you enjoy first.  Using a search engine and typing in “beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs” will help you embark on your pursuit.  There are many blogs out there that will fit your fancy. Keep in mind there are other bloggers who also hopes to have their blog recognized.  Be active on their posts by commenting and they will more than likely return the favor to build a relationship.

#3 Attend Events.

Attending events, conferences, workshops and other events targeted for bloggers are a wonderful and fun experience.  It gives you an opportunity to mingle with an abundant of bloggers and brands in person.  It just is not the same as tweeting or chatting online.  A few popular events are: iFabboCON and networking events, Fashion shows, IMATS, and makeup workshops hosted by makeup artists and companies in your area.

#4 Join Groups for Bloggers.

There are many blogging groups today available online such as iFabbo.  Not to mention other groups you may join and take advantage of through Facebook and other social media websites.  Joining a group will feel like a second family and be an amazing support system to encourage and teach you new things on this blogging path.  They will be the most knowledgeable when it comes to basic questions about blogging, linking articles and other concerns you may have since they have “been there and done that.”

What are some networking tips you use that were not listed?

Along with interning with iFabbo, Dinah is also the founder of D.G.S.Beauty, a beauty, fashion, and health blog.

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2 Responses to “Networking Basics for Bloggers”

  • Nicole Williams
    Twitter: npconsulting

    Hi Dinah, thanks for the reminders. As new bloggers sometimes we tend to forget that the followers don’t come over night but if we pay our dues by doing the things you mentioned – while remaining true and ethical – then they will come.

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