Motivation lost? How to get your Inspiration back!

Posted on May 28, 2013

You have a beautiful blog, nourished over time, grown into your creative outlet for fashion and beauty. A place to share your thoughts, blog about what it is you desire most. Then it happens – better yet nothing happens! Sometimes you can feel it slowly crawling up on you, other times it just happens overnight. Your inspiration is gone. No ideas, no motivation, no enthusiasm left. 

iFabbo asked on Twitter, how do you get back into the blogging game, what motivates you? Let us give you some advice and see what bloggers tweeted back to us!

Photo by h.koppdelaney via Flickr

Photo by h.koppdelaney via Flickr

How do you get that spark back? Get the inspiration you need to break through your writer’s block?

  • Take a breather! Not feeling under pressure to produce new content can be liberating. After all, you set yourself the goal to blog a certain amount of times and always produce new posts. Take a break. Sit back and try to release the stress. You don’t need to constantly check your Twitter or leave 40 comments a day just to keep up. Posting every day will burn you out quicker than you think! Instead, step away from your blog, leave it for a while and come back with fresh eyes. You could treat your blog like a 9-5 job, the rest of the time, business is closed! That will help you get some distance and gain new perspective!

 @LizaPrideaux “buying myself new treats to get excited and blog about, read some of my favorite blogs to get me in the mood and give me inspo”

  • If you look at the same images constantly, things start to get boring. So, give your blog a make-over! Change up the design and get creative again. New colors and themes can help transition into thinking about new topics and posts!
  • You’re not alone! So get out and meet other bloggers or creative people who understand what you are experiencing and can help you get inspired again! Maybe an exhibition, a movie or a book will help along the way to think about new ideas and get inspired by others!

@xPrettyInPinkxx “I tend to take a few days off and do something else; ideas will flow if you’re having fun elsewhere in your life!”

 @OneWomansStyle “yes, I just pulled out of this. I went to a fashion presentation hosted by Clinton Kelly and his advice gave me wings. #confidence”

  • How about a real life pin board for your ideas? We all know Pinterest but what if you actually have to put it together yourself with magazine articles, photos of your family, recipes from your favorite cook book, etc. ? Going through the extra effort, not only distracts you from your blog but also gets you thinking about your true goals and passions in life! Make a selection of what it is you want to achieve, your dreams and ideas.

 @AuttyW “I try and stay positive about it. If I lose my motivation or inspiration, I look for some. I look EVERY-WHERE for inspiration to blog”

  • Blog about it! We all have been there, we all know the feeling. So why not share it? Make a post about it and see how others react and what they experienced. Some might even give you great input on how to overcome it!

 @glitterinfatuat “I lost all motivation a few weeks ago; I got it back by making my blog into what I wanted and perfecting my blogging skills.”

  • Give your blog a completely new structure! Start with an editorial calendar and make a plan of what you would like to see in a great blog! Maybe a new post series or introducing guest bloggers will bring new energy to your blog and your motivation!
  • Go back to basics! Remember, back when you started blogging for the very first time? How did you feel? Think back about what it was that made you start a blog in the first place! What blogs did you read that gave you the inspiration. Which post was so beautifully designed that you wanted to create something similar? Sometime we lose those thoughts over time and start forgetting. Finding back that sparkle might help you out again!

Have you ever lost motivation and inspiration for your blog? How did you overcome it?

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