Interview with Kimberly Nissen – Author of The Essential Beginner’s Guide To Working With Bloggers

Posted on February 8, 2013

The Essential Beginner's Guide to Working With BloggersWe had the chance to sit down with Kimberly Nissen, iFabbo member and creator of to discuss her new venture as a book author.

iFabbo:  Tell us about your book.

KN: The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Working With Bloggers is an eBook created for businesses and PRs who want to or are already working with bloggers. From the business/PR communities a lot of professionals believe they have already mastered blogger outreach but from the blogger communities it is a completely different story. The lack of education for professionals who need or want to work with bloggers is minimal and hard to come by. This eBook makes it accessible and easy.

iFabbo:  What prompted you to write a book for brands?

KN:  The biggest motivation for me to write this eBook was the number of dreadful pitches I receive from businesses and PRs each day. I am talking hundreds, and I am not the only one. Bloggers are taken for granted all the time, with businesses/PRs not understanding our platform and what we do. It isn’t their fault, blogs are a new platform and it is most definitely not taught to them during their communications or marketing degrees.

The other motivation was that as a popular and established blogger in my own market, I am a confidant to many PRs and I hear about their struggles with bloggers. I wanted to help PRs/businesses with the common difficulties and help them to understand how they can use bloggers effectively without all the scary, nasty results that run around the rumor mill.

iFabbo:  What is the number one mistake brands make when contacting bloggers?

KN:  It is so hard to say which is the ultimate number one because frankly, they usually make multiple mistakes at once!

One of the top mistakes in making first contact with a blogger is sending a generic, compliment-filled email and at the same time asking for free mentions of their product/service. It shows the blogger that the sender knows nothing about them and that they think we are a free advertising service.

iFabbo:  Should all brands work with bloggers?

KN:  Definitely not. This is open to interpretation but I feel unless you are going to take the time to learn how to work with bloggers properly or invest in a service that can do it for you, you shouldn’t work with them at all. Ultimately, you will be doing your business/client a disservice if you tarnish the brand with unsatisfactory blogger outreach.

iFabbo:  Can bloggers benefit from reading The Essential Beginner’s Guide To Working With Bloggers?

KN:  It was definitely not my intention to make this eBook beneficial for bloggers but so far every blogger who has bought the book has told me they have found it extremely helpful. As a full time blogger, I often do take for granted how much knowledge I may have about running a blog as a business. The most common feedback I am getting from bloggers who have read this book is that it has given them some much needed advice in how to prepare their blog to work with businesses/PRs and potentially make their own blog a business.

It may not have been my intentions to give that insight but I am so glad I am able to help bloggers as well.

iFabbo:  In your opinion, where is the world of blogging heading?

KN:  I think the world of blogging is heading onwards and upwards, but slowly. While the blogging streams grow and more people want to be a part of it, it also dilutes the pool of bloggers readers can enjoy and trust.

In the world of beauty blogging, the biggest problem we face is bloggers constantly badgering brands for free product and it really puts those companies off working with bloggers at all, some even go so far as to publically badmouth bloggers based on those experiences. The roll on effect is that for those that take their blogging as a lovable hobby or a professional career, it makes it harder for readers to trust them as bloggers.

Education is going to be key for the world of blogging and for the world of business. My eBook is just one of the many tools that can be used to further this education and I highlight even more education tools in the book. Both bloggers and businesses need to take the medium seriously if we want it to prosper in a positive way.

iFabbo:  Where can we find your book?

The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Working With Bloggers is available from for $19.99 (AUD).

Author Kimberly Nissen HeadshotAbout Kimberly Nissen

Kimberly Nissen is the creator of, a successful beauty blog providing useful, down-to-earth communication about the world of beauty.

Drawing on her considerable experience at some of Australia’s greatest media companies, Kimberly ventured into the world of blogging full time in early 2010. In such a short time she has risen to become one of Australia’s top beauty bloggers and securing freelance work with some of the worlds most popular publications.

In 2011, Kimberly was co-founder of the first ever niche specific blogging conference in Australia, The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend. Bringing together 80 of Australia’s top beauty bloggers and over 30 of the country’s best beauty brands, she paved the way for brand-and-blogger relations for the industry.

To learn more about Kimberly Nissen or enquire about how you can work with her, visit, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

All photos courtesy of Kimberly Nissen

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