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Posted on May 29, 2013
Photo by Matthew Pearce via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Matthew Pearce via Flickr Creative Commons

It’s been said that no blog, is better than a poor blog. No-one wants to flaunt a sporadically updated blog with dwindling readers and a messy layout and equally, no-one wants to read one. A few rookie mistakes here and there can decrease the quality of your blog more than you’d think and even the simplest thing can act as a repellent for new readers. But it doesn’t have take a paid blog designer or owning a DSLR to have a great looking blog. We’ve come up with the simplest (and free!) ways to improve the quality of your blog so that your corner of the internet is something to be proud of.

First impressions count. Having good aesthetics is always a great start. It says to readers that the blog owner has a good eye for what looks good and takes pride in their site. But once you have the reader attracted, it’s content that keeps them returning.

  • The first big no-no is white text on a black background. You may be going for a particular ‘theme’ but it makes it difficult to read the text and screams “headache” to site visitors.
  • Have your layout organized. Are you going for a single column, two, or three? Keep sidebars uncluttered by getting rid of unnecessary widgets and organizing blog buttons onto a uniform grid. Tip: if your post label/tags list runs all the way down the length of your blog, consider switching it to drop-down menu view to open up some sidebar space.
  • Image quality is a major factor in overall blog quality and generally, bigger is better when it comes to post images. How can readers see your makeup swatch or outfit properly if your photo is a quarter of the width of the column it’s in? Also bear in mind the lighting when taking photos – daylight and near natural light is better than evening by a yellowing light bulb. Tip: edit your photos – play with color/exposure levels or even blur the background of your images to make your main object really stand out. This way you can emulate the depth of field you get with DSLR lenses but with nothing more than your phone camera or an inexpensive point and shoot.
  • Your blog header is the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your blog, so make it a good one. Pick a color palette for your blog and make sure your header compliments that. Avoid gaudy fonts and overloading it with collaged images and a lengthy blog tagline.
  • Find a posting schedule that works for you and try to stick to it. You might have a beautiful blog but if you’re not updating it, there’s nothing to keep readers coming back. Content is just as important as the aesthetics for a quality site. Tip: if you struggle to keep your blog updated because you never have the time, read our post here to see how you can fit in blogging even with the busiest schedules.
  • Keep it consistent. If you layout your outfit posts in a particular way, keep the routine rather than changing it up all the time, or if you like to include a tag in your post titles with the post type (outfit, face of the day, haul, etc), make sure you do it all the time. Little things like these make browsing easier for the reader and gives your blog some familiarity for returning visitors.

We hope you found this post helpful. Take inspiration (but don’t completely copy!) other blogs that you admire and have a look at the more popular blogs to see what they do to present a high quality blog. It goes without saying that you should take a look at your own blog once in a while as an outsider to see what works well, what doesn’t and what things need to be changed or implemented to make your blog the best it can be.

What are some of your tips on how to create a great blog? Let us know in the comments section below!

4 Responses to “Improve the Quality of Your Blog”

  • muzyna
    Twitter: Muzyna_N

    Amazing article . I also feel that being a beauty blogger its all about social networking , exposure on fb , instagram , pintrest and twitter helped me get interactive readers and quality readers not just people interested in giveaways or free stuff .

  • Daniel Dunt
    Twitter: danielduntblog

    Very helpful! I never realised how long my ‘Archives’ and ‘Categories’ lists were, and how much space they took up in my sidebar. Because of this article, I’ve just taken a look and added drop-down menus instead. Thanks!

  • Amber
    Twitter: daydream_beauty

    Great tips! I will definitely take a look at my blog from a different perspective! :)
    Amber recently posted..May Favorites – Beautisol, Ageless Derma, Perlier & Sugar ShockMy Profile

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