#iFabboTweetMeets – Must-have Blogging Apps and Widgets

Posted on January 9, 2014
Image via Flickr by  Jason A. Howie

Image via Flickr by Jason A. Howie

2014 is going to be a great year for you and your blog! We have been sharing some posts on social media trends and mobile apps, and it only made sense that our first #iFabboTweetMeets of the year focused on those topics. In case you missed the chat, here is the recap of everything that happened!

iFabbo As you know today we are discussing must-have apps and widgets for blogging! #iFabboTweetMeets Q1: What are your must have blogging apps and widgets? 

iFabbo Q2: How do you decide whether an app is must have or not? #iFabboTweetMeets
iFabbo Q3: How do you weed through the amount of apps available today? #iFabboTweetMeets

iFabbo Q4: Were there any apps that didn’t work for you? Why? #iFabboTweetMeets

iFabbo Let’s talk a little about widgets now! Q5: Do you use widgets on your blog? Which ones? #iFabboTweetMeets
iFabbo Q6: Do you ever downsize on the apps and widgets on your blog? Why or why not? #iFabboTweetMeets
  • Jenn Q6. @ifabbo Being self hosted- it’s always helpful to downgrade widgets you aren’t using – they take up space! #iFabboTweetMeets
iFabbo Last question for the night – Q7: Whats the best way of keeping track of new apps? #iFabboTweetMeets

Thank you everyone for a great time, interesting conversation and questions! We hope you learned some new tips and tricks, and met some new blogging friends!



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