#iFabboTweetMeets: Future of Fashion and Beauty Blogging

Posted on February 20, 2014
iFabbo TweetMeets Recap on the Future of Fashion and Beauty Blogging

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As the fashion and beauty world evolves, we wonder more now than ever how the blogosphere too will evolve and what it’s effect will be. With last night’s #ifabbotweetmeets discussion of the “Future of Blogging: Beauty and Fashion”, we gathered some very interesting insight.

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s #ifabbotweetmeets!

Q1:Is the b/f blogging market over saturated?

Q2:How important are f/b blogger to the blogosphere overall and will it change?

Q3:The pressure to stand out is constantly rising as the blogger community grows. How will that change?

Q4:What makes it so difficult to remain/become a better f/b blogger?

Q5: Are bloggers going to be an essential part of company´s marketing strategies in the future?

Q6: How will f/b blogging change as PR strategies continue to involve more bloggers/vloggers?

Again, if it was not expressed enough, we thank all who participated in this week’s #ifabbotweetmeets as it was a great one!

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Want more insight on the topic? Watch on demand the “Future of Fashion & Beauty in the Digital Space” panel video from our social media conference via PPV. Click here.

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