#iFabboTweetMeets – Blogging Resolutions For 2014!

Posted on December 19, 2013


December not only puts us in the holiday spirit, it also brings closure to another year. It helps put everything into  perspective, as well as helps create the anticipation of starting new! Whether you spent 2013 blogging or not, read what some of our bloggers had to say about their resolutions and new beginnings for 2014 in our bi-monthly #iFabboTweetMeets!

iFabboWelcome to #iFabboTweetMeets! Today we are talking Blogging goals/resolutions for 2014!
iFabbo: Q 1. Will you be making blogging resolutions/goals for 2014? Why/ why not?
  • Ana Ramirez@ifabbo Very much so! It will be my first year that I get to have a blog resolution so I’m going to make one!
  • Ashley Leona@ifabbo Yes! I’m planning on focusing on content more and expanding my work with brands.
  • Jen Jeffery@ifabbo I want to push myself to expand my content and get a little more personal on my blog.
iFabboQ 2. What was the highlight of your 2013 blogging year? #iFabboTweetMeets
  • Elizabeth Kathryn: A2 I’m a little late but getting a custom blog layout & buying a new camera
  • Elizabeth Diaz@ifabbo Working with some rally great companies who trusted me & all the followers who believe in my opinion!
  • Definitely Ashlee@ifabbo I just started this year, got a few sponsored posts, and decided to change my blog name. New one launches Monday!
  • DreamInLace@ifabbo to me just starting! This was my first year blogging and it’s been such a great start <3
iFabboQ 3. Are there some things that you know you wouldn’t do on your blog again? #iFabboTweetMeets
  • Brittnee KAO@ifabbo A Christmas gifts series! I got SO sick of writing just about gifts!
  • Ashley Leona@ifabbo immediately publish a post. Let that baby breathe!
  • Rebecca B. Bird@ifabbo I wouldn’t post truly terrible pictures ever again now that I have a decent camera (hopefully) ; )
  • Jenn: Q3. @ifabbo I wouldn’t do a sponsored post JUST for extra $ or free products. I want to keep my integrity, THANKUVERYMUCH!
iFabbo: Q 4. Where do you want your blog and blogging in general to take you? #iFabboTweetMeets
  • Jenn: Q4. @ifabbo I’d love for my blog 2 bring the connections needed to become a Social Media Manager after I graduate in June!
  • Rebecca B. Bird@ifabbo I’d love for it to open up more paid opportunities for me as a writer – gotta use that useless English degree. :)
  • Definitely Ashlee@ifabbo To be a place of laughter, support, and encouragement. And I want to eventually write for a living.
  • Ashley Leona@ifabbo I want to own my own business. A combo boutique and salon! #investors?
  • Elizabeth Diaz@ifabbo Long term goal is blogging 2b my full-time job & perhaps even be a published author One can always dream!
  • Esta Fiesta@ifabbo A4. I’d love if my blog made me a Pop Culture and Style authority. Would love to get a career out of blogging
iFabbo: Q 5 What is the best blogging advice you’ve ever received? #iFabboTweetMeets
  • Ashley Leona@ifabbo Besides content related advice, pictures matter. If your pictures suck, people won’t be as interested.
  • Esta Fiesta@ifabbo Q5. Don’t force a post if u have nothing 2 say. Remember WHY ur writing
  • Elizabeth Diaz: @ifabbo Don’t stop. Trust your gut. Be honest. Be yourself.

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