iFabbo Tweet Meets – How Social Media Helps Blogs

Posted on August 7, 2013
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Have you been joining in on our #iFabboTweetMeets? Our latest topic was How Social Media Helps Blogs. We had so many knowledgeable participants provide advice, tips, and thoughts. If you missed the chat, or it went by too fast, enjoy our recap of the Twitter chat at your own pace.

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iFabbo: Q1: Which is your favorite social media platform for your blog and why?

GlitteryGlossy: @ifabbo I personally like Twitter. I like it because I can connect with my users instantly.

AshleyBrooke71: @ifabbo I get the most traffic/new readers from Pinterest and Instagram. It helps me reach people who don’t read blogs often.

Noodoso: @ifabbo Twitter. It is short, personal, and informative.

BellBelleBella: @ifabbo I’m loving pinterest more and more.

ItzYasmin: @ifabbo Bloglovin! It’s awesome for finding great new blogs and people are very nice. It’s a little blogging world

logicalharmony: @ifabbo Instagram and Facebook are where I get the most interactions on my posts.

logicalharmony: @ifabbo However, I love the personal connection that Twitter and Instagram give!

iFabbo: Q2: How often do you post on your social media channels?

JezzDallas: @ifabbo Everyday! So important ot stay on top of ur game, even if it´s just replying to messages, tweets etc

logicalharmony: @ifabbo Daily. A mix of scheduled posts and spontaneous posts.

Glam_Slam: A2: I post daily on Twitter and it’s my most used network. Has worked best for me for networking, etc.

GlitteryGlossy: @bNiiontwee And I use the Tweet Old post plugin to circulate old content

LoudPen: Twitter all the time. Others as often as possible.

iFabbo: Q3: What are your social media pet peeves?

TheChicSpy: @ifabbo My fave #SocialMedia platform is #Facebook because I feel like I can tell a story and better brand my blog.

alexshook: A3 Excessive hashtags.

Glam_Slam: @ifabbo Fake followers completley automated/unpersonal tweets. Automation helps but itmakes u seem like a robot.

StyletoEnvy: “@ifabbo: Q3: You can still keep it professional & classy in 140 characters 😉

JezzDallas: @ifabbo Spam!!! So not cool!

logicalharmony: @ifabbo TMI tweets! Twitter is personal branding. Be personal, but don’t over-share.

EcoDesignGirl: Tweets that only contain a link and no intro text :)

LizLovesMakeup: @ifabbo Follow for follow.

iFabbo: Q4: What is your best tip for Facebook and Twitter engagement?

GlitteryGlossy: @ifabbo Be yourself. Engage with your readers about more than your niche. Dont be a link robot.

bNiiontweet: @ifabbo Join great forums and groups such as #ifabbo 😉

ashleybrook71: @ifabbo Promote other people and give love to other bloggers/brands & they’ll give it back .

Noodoso: @ifabbo Don’t talk bad about companies, stay professional and personal!

logicalharmony: @ifabbo Be authentic and realize that the right audience for you will engage. Don’t force it.

iFabbo: Q5: Do you need to have a Facebook page for your blog? If so, why is it important?

JezzDallas: @ifabbo Q5 It is another great outlet for things u wouldn´t normally put on ur blog!

logicalharmony: @ifabbo Of course! You will reach a different audience on each social platform!

TheChicSpy: @ifabbo YES! It’s a good way to build #brand awareness now that people can see how you engage with profiles and pages.

JezzDallas: @ashleybrooke71 @ifabbo Then again, one can only handle so much social media, unless it´s a day job!…

marlitacupcake: @ifabbo Engage your audience and also support fellow bloggers with their projects.

iFabbo: Q6: Do you recycle your blog posts on social media? How often?

alexshook: Interestingly, when I push posts to LinkedIn it’s consistently among my top 10 referrers.

logicalharmony: @ifabbo I do. I schedule them with different text and hash tags. No more than 4-6 times in a month for most posts.

missaf23: @ifabbo I try to mention old posts periodically, especially if they apply to holidays, special events, or seasons.

iFabbo: Q7: Is Google+ important? How do you use it?

logicalharmony: @ifabbo It’s important because it’s important to Google! Lol. & more audience reach.

logicalharmony: @ifabbo I use it similarly to how I use my blogs Facebook page.

JezzDallas: @ifabbo Google connects so many websites important for bloggers and followers..So definitely good to have!

_sammysamsam: @ifabbo I do it weekly “What you’ve missed” post just to recap everyone or if I have new followers “From the archive”

Glam_Slam: Q7: G+ is important! The more u use it the better your google page rank is. It’s becoming more popular.

iFabbo: Q8: What is your strategy on getting followers across your social media platforms?

logicalharmony: @ifabbo I try to be engaging and authentic. If it’s the right fit, people will follow.

Noodoso: @ifabbo Don’t seem desperate and annoying, that’s not appealing.

iFabbo: Q9: Do you use a social management tool?

logicalharmony: @ifabbo I use Hoot Suite to schedule. I love that you can target the platform & adjust content accordingly.

StyletoEnvy: “@ifabbo: Q9: Do you use a social management tool? #iFabboTweetMeets” yes without Hootsuite I would lose my mind!

marlitacupcake: @ifabbo yes. I use @hootsuite – it has saved me a great deal of time. :)

iFabbo: Alright ladies, that’s it for this evening. Thank you everyone for your great responses and participation!

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