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Posted on June 7, 2013

LBQnewblurbThis week for #iFabboTweetMeets we chatted with Hayley Carr of London Beauty Queen. With a multitude of blog awards under her belt, including a Cosmopolitan Award within four months of launching LBQ, Hayley now works as a social media manager and strategist with some of the UK’s most recognised brands. She chatted with us about social media, working with PRs and gave some important blogging tips.

You can find Hayley on Twitter @LBQblog and she has also established LBQ Consultancy Services @LBQConsultancy where she offers social media and strategy advice to brands, bloggers and publications.

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ifabbo Welcome to the chat Hayley! @LBQblog Tell us, how long have you been blogging for?

LBQblog I’ve been blogging for just over 3yrs – I started LBQ In April 2010. Time flies!

ifabbo wow! And how do you think your blog has become so successful so quickly?

LBQblog When I started I had a slightly different voice from everyone else, coming at it from an insiders perspective. Over 3yrs I’ve put in a lot of hard graft, ensuring I’m very active on social media & posting pretty much daily

ifabbo What’s your favourite social media outlet and why?

LBQblog I love Twitter because it allows me to make LBQ more humanised, interacting with my readers instantly

ToniaKor how often do you post on so yr social media networks? Which ones do you use?

LBQblog I use Twitter constantly, but also post daily on Facebook, Instagram & Google+ – both blog posts & general news. I also use Pinterest, Vine & YouTube less frequently, when a new product launch/review requires more visuals

Society_Buzz Congrats on your success Hayley! Do you have any social media tips or advice for those just starting out?

LBQblog Thanks! You should use social media as an extension of your blog, cultivating a community/brand. Use social media to speak to people – it’s all about conversations and having common interests

ToniaKor a lot of bloggers are still not getting on the Google+ bandwagon. Any advice?

LBQblog Google+ is complicated and a bit confusing initially, but everyone absolutely needs to embrace it for success. The best advice is just to get on it, start playing around, post regularly and gradually you’ll get a grasp!

teenthreads im just starting a fashion account, how did you get so many followers?

LBQblog I got to 11k followers through being really active, talking to people and tweeting while watching TV! It’s also important to make your twitter account valuable – for me it’s about tweeting beauty news

ifabbo If a PR sends you a product that you end up hating do you still do a review? Do you go easy on the brand?

LBQblog People read my blog because they respect my opinion. If a product is bad, it’s important to let your readers knowYou don’t have to be OTT critical, but it’s important to point out why it didn’t work for you

Beaut_Chic When did you first get invited to an event?

LBQblog I’d been blogging 3mths when I got invited to my 1st PR event – but it was much less crowded in 2010!

unevenlemming What is your biggest challange being a blogger in the current climate?

LBQblog Good question! Blogging has become very crowded & the fight for readers is immense. It’s difficult to make a career from a blog as there are so many of us, so it’s vital to be unique

ifabbo what’s the first things bloggers should do if they want to work with PRs?

LBQblog Put their contact details on their blog! If you want to work with PRs you need to make it easy to find you. I’ve worked in blogger outreach since 2011 and am amazed by how many bloggers make it really hard to contact them. It’s also really important to have a well presented, clear and well written blog. Make your voice count

feebee030 What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

LBQblog I worked in beauty brand management prior to blogging, so if I wasn’t doing LBQ I’d probably still be there

Society_Buzz Have you used any tools(such as hoot suite) that you would recommend to make managing social media easier?

LBQblog I use Tweetdeck for Twitter/managing multiple Twitter accounts. It’s also really good for hashtags. I also use Hootsuite for scheduling posts on Google+ (as it’s the only way I’ve worked out how!)

ifabbo At what point did you decide to go pro with blogging? Was it an easy decision?

LBQblog It was a very hard decision to go ‘pro’ with blogging, but I decided my heart wasn’t in anything else. To make ‘pro’ blogging work you have to have a concrete plan, as well as a plan B if it doesn’t work out

Society_Buzz What do you consider to be your top priorities when managing your blog?

LBQblog Top priorities for managing the blog – good, regular content and a reason to keep coming back. Everything is 2nd-ary to content, but Twitter is really important in getting yourself out there

curly_aysh do you think there is space for everyone in the blogging community? And how do you stand out?

LBQblog There’s space for everyone in the blogging community – the internet is infinite. However, you have to add value to the community and not just be a sheep/have no point of difference

GlamMeUpInc How do you gain more readers? Make yourself known to PR companies? Do you use SEO?

LBQblog I gain readers by writing stuff people want to read – there’s nothing more scientific to it tbh! I’ve been lucky enough to have been discovered by PRs/brands through my awards/achievements

LibertyxLoves would you then say by putting your twitter address and email etc on your blog good advice xx

LBQblog Absolutely. Putting your contact details and social media links on your blog is ESSENTIAL!

ifabbo What are your top beauty products you cannot live without?

LBQblog Right now I’m loving Benefit Hello Flawless foundation, Bobbi Brown concealer, Neal’s Yard & Caudalie everything

HairCandy_LDN Can you use images from the Internet as long as you ref them or is it best to take your own pic? Big fan btw.

LBQblog If you can, always take your own pics as you’ll then own the copyright (or use from brand’s site) If you use images you’ve found via google there’s always a chance you’ll get yourself in hot water

beautandbiryani even if you copy the image url?

LBQblog Yup. It’s a very dangerous legal ground to be in – you can still get sued

ifabbo How can your LBQ Consultancy Services help out bloggers?

LBQblog I’m using my 3yrs experience to offer bloggers a service via @LBQconsultancy, which includes a blog audit. I’m sitting down with bloggers to discuss where they can easily improve/grow and how they can reach their goals. If any bloggers would like to discuss what this involves & if it’s relevant for them, they can get in touch!

feebee030 Do you see yourself blogging indefinitely?

LBQblog I think blogging is very much ‘in the now’ so who knows what will happen in 5/10 yrs time.

LBQblog Thanks for having me! Always here at the end of the tweet if anyone wants to ask something 1-2-1

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