iFabbo Tweet Meets – Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite

Posted on May 31, 2013


Amber of Beauty Junkies Unite

Amber of Beauty Junkies Unite

You asked for it, you got it!  We’ve been getting requests to feature more professional bloggers in our #iFabboTweetMeets series, so this week we chatted with Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite. With a long blogging career and much knowledge to share, Amber shared her thoughts on social media, working with brands, PR and much more!

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ifabbo: Welcome to our live chat!! This time w/ Amber of @beautyjunkies! Amber Welcome!!

beautyjunkies: It all started about 10 years ago when I became a cosmetologist. When I stopped working behind the chair, it made the most sense to start a blog!

I blog as much as I can, because I’ve been super passionate about beauty for as long as I can remember! Beauty Junkies Unite has only been around 5 years, but my roots in beauty run deep!

ifabbo: Whats ur biggest advice for new bloggers? How often do u post on blog, Twitter, Facebook?

beautyjunkies: I try to post between 1-3 times a day across all channels. It’s really important to view it as a 360 thing. So for every post, it’s essential to tweet it, post a Facebook update, and any other social site you can share on.

MakinguptheMW @beautyjunkies @ifabbo Any secrets to maintaining the creativity, inspiration, and blogging stamina?

beautyjunkies @MakinguptheMW Yes! Always try new things, like a new feature, a different photography angle, switch up the products.

ifabbo RT @daydream_beauty: Do I need to be on *every* social media site? Its overwhelming how many new ones pop up!!

beautyjunkies: I know what you mean, it can be easy to get overwhelmed! I say pick what you find most valuable. Pick your poison! For me, Twitter and Facebook are my best friends!

ifabbo: Do you only post blog related things on Twitter & Facebook?

beautyjunkies: @ifabbo Typically I only post blog related content on all social sharing platforms. It keeps consistency.

daydream_beauty: What’s your number 1 way to have more interaction with your readers?

beautyjunkies: Talk to your readers. Say hi on Twitter, answer every blog comment, be conversational & friendly! Consistently blogging so that your readers know your “schedule”. Also, snag readers with great photos! Eye candy :)

beautyjunkies @MakinguptheMW Also, you’ll get inspired from attending blogging events! They really recharge my batteries. Conferences like #iFabboSFCon!

beautyjunkies @daydream_beauty Make sure you’re running off of a blogging calendar daily. Can’t be without my dry erase board! LOL

beautyjunkies @pretty_squared Make sure 2 link back to yourself in as many posts as possible. Refer to other blog posts you’ve written.

selftanqueen @beautyjunkies What is the most challenging thing u deal with w/PR firms?

beautyjunkies @selftanqueen Sometimes there’s a communication disconnect because PR sometimes publicists move around so much

beautyjunkies @ifabbo The most important things before you start reaching out to PR: manners, integrity, and a media kit!

ifabbo: Would u include numbers in ur Media Kit if ur blog is still on the small?

beautyjunkies @ifabbo Please do still include your unique monthly visitors, no matter how small! You earned them, fair & square!

beautyjunkies: And guys, a media kit should be really simple! Basic stats, who you are, a photo, what you do, and why. But keep it short!

beautyjunkies: Wow! Looks like the media kit is something for us all to work on. It’s kind of like a job resume!

preppylogic15 @ifabbo Blogging proved a great way of branding in the job market! it’s so important to differentiate yourself.

selftanqueen @beautyjunkies  What was the biggest tipping point in ur blogging career?

beautyjunkies @selftanqueen When I finally felt like I was getting somewhere, and that I was earning a living. It took years!

beautyjunkies @selftanqueen I’m probably most excited about the UNKNOWN! I’m always doing new things I never dreamed of doing before.

ifabbo RT @privateschprep: @beautyjunkies How often do you update your stats?

beautyjunkies: I update my stats once a month. I also recommend that it’s a PDF versus a word document 😉

privateschprep @beautyjunkies What type of stats do you include?

beautyjunkies @privateschprep You should always include basic metrics–unique month visitors, pageviews, and follower on social sites

beautyjunkies: We all started somewhere. Never be embarrassed about your readership numbers.

ifabbo RT @beautyjunkies: @preppylogic15 Yes! It is very helpful, and best to stay in your niche

ifabbo RT @sopermama: @ifabbo @beautyjunkies How do you find a niche? I blog about whatever strikes my fancy.

beautyjunkies: If you try to combine too many niches in one blog, it’s hard to find stable readership, because it confuses your readers. So as a beauty blogger, I would stay away from blogging about things like cars, etc. on Beauty Junkies Unite. Confusing! Its easy to branch from beauty to fashion, and vice versa–but find your true voice first. Be the authority on your niche 😉

ifabbo: How do u get people/brands to notice u?

beautyjunkies: I really feel that if you write authentically and consistently, the rest works itself out in time.

beautyjunkies @ifabbo To get noticed, try tagging the brand when you share a link via FB or Twitter. You’d be surprised! It can take years to have your favorite brands notice you. There’s usually 1 of them, and an infinite amount of us! And I have to say this–if you’re trying to get added to a press list or ask for samples, please don’t do it on Twitter! It’s generally frowned upon, and looks unprofessional to your readers, and the brand. It’s best to do it privately.

preppylogic15 @ifabbo Direct messaging and emailing definitely looks better to whoever your question and the readers!

beautyjunkies: Not only do your readers see those uber personal tweets, brands and publicists see it too. I err on the side of caution.

beautyjunkies @21RockinCowgirl Unfortunately, G+ is my weak spot!

ifabbo @beautyjunkies How so?

beautyjunkies: I’m not so great at Google+, so I’ll have to plead the 5th on that advice!

ifabbo RT @preppylogic15 @21RockinCowgirl  I feel like that has to do with it being a weak social network

selftanqueen: We r talking to Google+ about the #iFabboSFCon to help us all!! 😉

privateschprep @ifabbo I don’t know why, but getting people to like my Facebook page for my blog is a huge struggle!

beautyjunkies @ifabbo Staying motivated is a huge challenge. Time management is also a huge one.

beautyjunkies: Speaking about social platforms–can’t believe I forgot to mention Pinterest & Stumble Upon. HUGE help for traffic! I also recommend a strong focus on the clarity of your photos. I’m still trying to get it right, but great images help!

ifabbo: Amber, thank you so much!

Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite is a licensed cosmetologist, product expert, and education specialist. She has over nine years of experience in the beauty industry and has worked with countless of brands.

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