iFabbo Social Media Conference: October 12, 2013 – How to prepare!

Posted on August 19, 2013

iFabbo offers fashion and beauty bloggers the unique opportunity to meet and mingle with big brands and big names! Anything you need to know about social media, blogging and the business that connects it all – October, 12th is going to be your date!

iFabbo Social Media Conference Location, Merchants Exchange Club

iFabbo Social Media Conference Location, Merchants Exchange Club

Now, you got your ticket (get it here if you haven’t yet) and you booked your hotel (find a convenient selection here), but what else is there to keep in mind? Here are a couple of helpful reminders as to what to prepare and to expect when attending the iFabbo social media conference!

Simply being a blogger and coming to see “what’s up”? Sure that works if you don’t really expect to get anything out of it other than a great time and chatting with like-minded people.

However, if you are planning on learning from and actively engaging with other bloggers and brands as well as our panelists, you might want to consider a few steps!

Do your research! Who is speaking? What are the panel topics?

That is the basic information you want to take a look at. Based on that you can decide as to where you want to join and what questions you might want to ask.  Prepare a schedule with the correct times and don’t miss out on your favorite speaker! Time is precious as these kind of conferences don’t come along very often.

Before the conference starts, you will receive a small booklet containing all the necessary info on panelists, attending companies as well as scheduled discussion rounds, lunch break etc.!

Take a look back at our last conference in London and get inspired! Find here more information on our current panel so far!

Getting technical…

Before, during and after – every blogger wants to capture every moment with smart phone and camera! Don’t forget to charge your devices and bring back ups if needed!

Though it is important to stay focused and take photos, try to actually listen! Yes, with all the photo action and taking notes, it’s easy to forget to actually listen and to be part of the action! Before you know it, your favorite panel is over and you haven’t had a chance to ask your question because you were busy scrolling down your smart phone!

Who are you?

You are going to meet great people and great brands but what if they turn around and start asking you a question?

Think about exactly what it is you want to get out of this event! Meeting new friends or potential new followers, starting new partnerships, maybe even connect with your favorite company and fish for job opportunities? Anything goes when meeting the right person, so go ahead and take a look at your blogging resume! If a company asks what you blog about and if you have a media kit, are you prepared?

Sure, you won’t be able to carry around your blog but what about business cards? Easy and convenient! Prepare a couple ahead of time and write down the basics. Your name, blog URL, blog topic, social media handles, location and email! A nice design that correlates with your blog design makes it special and memorable! Don’t forget to smile when you hand it over!

After the party

Did we mention there is also a cocktail reception? Once the actual conference is over, you will have the chance to attend our party and chat with everyone in a more private setting. The exclusive set up will be the perfect end of a fabulous day! Keep in mind, just because it´s cocktail hour, doesn’t mean you can completely let loose! It’s still a professional setting where brands and companies will enjoy their evening as well!

Location for Cocktail Reception

Location for Cocktail Reception

After after party…

No, there is no after after party but the real excitement starts once you get back home! We are sure you have collected much information and material on the conference and of course some great goodies in your gift bag. Take your time when preparing your blog posts. We suggest, letting all your thoughts sink in for a couple of days before writing it down right away. Setting your experience in perspective is important.

Don’t forget, all the connections you have made during the conference, follow-up in a timely manner! The conference is supposed to help build meaningful relationships between bloggers and brands. It’s your job to keep it strong and to nourish it with your newly learned blogging skills!

Collected a bunch of business cards? Send a nice email to say “thank you for the nice chat” or check out that person’s blog! You never know where things can go from there…

Have you attended blogger conferences before? What is your best advice on how to prepare and follow-up etc.?


Besides working for iFabbo, Jessica is the beauty blogger behind http://jezzdallasmakeup.blogspot.com/

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