iFabbo 2nd Annual Social Media Conference – See What You Missed!

Posted on November 1, 2013

We just wrapped up our 2nd Annual Social Media Conference in San Francisco, and even though the conference was a few weeks ago, the buzz around #iFabboSFCon continues.  From trusted industry leaders, to bloggers, to brands and to our gift bags, our attendees continue to rave about our sold out event.  Our conference wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing bloggers, sponsors and supporters.  If you weren’t able to make it, you can still watch ALL of our panels individually via Pay Per View or purchase the All Access Pass for a look at the entire day.  Click here for more details.

PR: How to Create an Impressive
Press Kit/Media Kit/Develop Better Agency Relationships

From left to right: Lorraine Sanders, Tonia Korakis, Crosby Noricks, Adrienne Arieff, Alle Fister, Rebecca Silliman, Sinead Norenius
Our first panel of the day focused on how bloggers can become experts in their field, how to successfully work with brands and PR agencies, how break into the fashion and beauty industry and much more.  Our panel experts included:  Lorraine Sanders of Digital Style Digest, Adrienne Arieff of Arieff Communications, Crosby Noricks of PR Couture, Alle Fister of Bollare Communications and Rebecca Silliman of ModCloth. To watch our PR Panel click here.

Increasing Reach and Followers:
The “How to” from all the major social media platforms

From left to right: Sinead Norenius, Laurie Mueller, Alex Loscher, Marlena Stell, Jennifer Mathews
Our second panel was all about engagement… social media engagement that is!  Our industry leaders discussed how to increase followers on all social media networks, such as Facebook and Google+, social media strategies, tips and tricks and more.  Our panel of experts included:  Laurie Mueller of Facebook, Alex Loscher of Google+, Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek and Jen Mathews of Top Tier Social Media and My Beauty Bunny.  To watch our Social Media Panel click here.

Tips & tricks of the trade to better images and videography

20131012iFabboSFCon-232From left to right: Hadi Labarang, Jeff Fluhr, Susan Yara, Jim Barcelona, Serge Jespers
Next up, it was all about photographs and videos!  We talked about tips on how to take great photos and videos, the type of camera to use, how to enhance your images, new Adobe features and more!  Our panel of experts included:  Jeff Fluhr of Spreecast, Serge Jespers of Adobe, Susan Yara of New Beauty Magazine, Jim Barcelona of InstagrammersSF and Hadi Labarang of FSHN Magazine.  To watch our Photography/Videography Panel click here.

Fireside Chat with BECCA Cosmetics


From left to right: Sinead Norenius, Alexis DiResta, Kerry Cole
After our Photography panel we took a much needed lunch break courtesy of The Mad Video Inc. and settled in for the Fireside Chat with BECCA Cosmetics.  Alexis DiResta and Kerry Cole shared with the audience how BECCA Cosmetics started, the philosophy behind the brand and also did a great demo on their new amazing brush The One Perfecting Brush.  To watch our Fireside Chat click here.

The Legal Zone:
FTC rules, updates, trademarks & copyright


From left to right: Laura Slezinger, Gregory Lemmons, Mona Bajwa

Our legal zone panel was the breakout star panel of the day.  Attendees had lots of questions for our experts, including clarification on FTC rules, branding, contracts, disclosure policies for images and much more.  Our panel of experts included: Laura Slezinger of Venture Gained Legal,  Gregory Lemmons of Lord Bertram and Mona Bajwa of Trymbl.  To watch our Legal Panel click here.

Monetizing Your Blog:
Work smarter, not harder


From left to right: Tonia Korakis, Oliver Deighton, Amanda Nudelman, Christine Martinez, Koldo Garcia, Amber Murray
This panel was all about money! A great topic for bloggers who are looking to make some income from their blog.  The conversation focused on different affiliate networks, monetizing videos, how to increase engagement, creating organic content and more!  Our panel of experts included: Oliver Deighton of VigLink, Amanda Nudelman of Disqus,Christine Martinez of Luvocracy, Koldo Garcia of The Mad Video Inc., and Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite.  To watch our Monetization Panel click here.

Cupcake & Lemonade Break
Cupcakes courtesy of Luvocracy
After an informative discussion on financials, naturally we got hungry!  Thankfully, cupcakes and lemonade were waiting for us courtesy of Luvocracy.  The yummy cupcakes were a big hit and attendees had a chance to get their energy up for the remainder of the day!

The Future of Fashion & Beauty in the Digital Space


From left to right: Roxanne Nejad, Annemarie Frank, Bianca Posterli, Eugenia Chien, Tracy Sun
Our last panel of the day discussed digital trends in the fashion and beauty industry, how brands are choosing to collaborate with bloggers, upcoming marketing strategies of brands and more!  Our panel of experts included:   Annemarie Frank of HSN, Bianca Posterli of Glam Media, Eugenia Chien of ShopStyle, Tracy Sun of Poshmark, and Roxanne Nejad of boohoo.com.  To watch our Future of Fashion and Beauty in the Digital Space Panel click here.

Keynote: InnerFluency –
The Key to Creating Massive Influence in the World


Jacqueline Wales

Our amazing keynote speaker Jacqueline Wales, talked about the power of believing in yourself, letting go of your fears and reaching for your dreams. Needless to say the entire room was captivated by her inspirational speech!  To watch our inspiring keynote speaker click here.

Cocktail Reception


After our keynote, attendees had a chance to network and mingle with our panelists, bloggers and brands. An amazing end to an amazing day!The conference was sponsored by the following companies: boohoo.com, BECCA Cosmetics, PRAI Beauty, Luvocracy Dermalogica, Spreecast, The Mad VideoUber, Beautisol and more! A big thank you again to all of our panelists, attendees, sponsors and supporters! Hope to see you all next year at our 3rd Annual Social Media Conference!

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