How Twitter can Help you Increase your Audience

Posted on November 8, 2013
It is amazing how social media has made such an impact on the cyber world, connecting us to people, places, and things all over the world. This has become even more prominent with the introduction of  Twitter. Do you know how to utilize Twitter even more efficiently to build your audience and to drive traffic to your site? Here are a few tips to get you started down that path!
Image via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Image via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Make your Tweets count!

Your profile says it all.
Any social media profile of yours should match the style of your main page and be recognizable. Make sure to adjust colors and style accordingly. Fill in as much information as you can to make a clear point about who you are and what your site is about. If you want more than one page to link back to, consider a landing page or maybe a page to collect all your details like 
Tweet often, be insightful and follow others! You most likely aren’t popular right from the start and will have to earn your followers. Start following people from your target niche, meaning other bloggers or companies that interest you. Twitter can also help you find your friends by scanning your email address book.
Find out who the most influential people in your field of interest are and start connecting! When tweeting about a specific product, tag the company or the people who inspire you, which will probably earn you some re-tweets and eventually more followers.
If you want to be more concrete in who you are following and are looking for specific people, try Twitter Advanced Search. It can help you narrow your search down to hashtags, location, company or even language.
If you have a more overwhelming amount of people you follow and it is getting harder to keep up with everyone or to look out for specific tweets, start to organize people in lists and favorites. You can create several lists for different groups and even look up other people’s lists to see specific timelines of tweets if those are made public. You can also choose to create a list privately. In that case, only you can see the list, know about it and only you can follow the timeline. Find out more about how to create a list on Twitter here. 
Find Favorites and Lists in your main menu.

Find Favorites and Lists in your main menu.


Some may think that hashtags are overused. However if used in moderation and in the right context, they can certainly get you far, especially if you want to reach people who usually wouldn’t cross your path.

Many companies or certain products and campaigns are connected to a hashtag that whenever used, makes it possible for everyone who looks up that hashtag to see your tweet even if they are not following you. iFabbo uses hashtags like #iFabboSHOP whenever a tweet about the SHOP or the products goes live. #iFabboSFcon was trending for over 20 minutes on Twitter during the Social Media Conference because of the massive amounts of tweets related of the conference, putting it on the list of most tweeted about topic on Twitter during that time.

Hashtags should be used carefully though. There is no need to put a hashtag in front of every word, especially considering you only have 140 characters to work with. Placing one or two correct hashtags after the main message will place your tweet on the right timeline for people to see. Not sure which hashtag is right for your context? Try hashtagify! This free tool can help you search and find the right hashtags for your topics. It also shows you the strength of your hashtags and the most influential users of it.

Connect your online presence

The perhaps easiest way to reach new prospects for your blog with Twitter is by using the Twitter Badge in your blog posts, or having it placed proudly on your main page. This enables readers who really love one of your blog posts to instantly retweet your blog post to their Twitter followers. This not only gets your blog out in front of tons of new potential subscribers and fans but can also boost your credibility by showing others how many times your blog posts have been retweeted. The more times that happens, the more perceived value it has. Along with your blog analytics this can also act as a guide to help you create better blog posts.

Add buttons to your website to help your visitors share content and connect with you on Twitter.

Helpful tools

  • The second incredibly powerful way to use Twitter to promote your blog and drive in new readers is by tweeting clips from your blog with a link back to it. Including pictures with your tweets is also an engaging way to bring in readers.  In contrast to just bombarding Twitter followers with updates or spam messages, this gives you a way to offer real value and funnel your followers.
  • The 140 characters per tweet can be very restricting. Use URL shortening tools like to make them smaller and get more into your message. Signing up for also comes with the advantage of link analytics. Individual reports can show you how many times and where your link has been clicked. If you are using a WordPress blog you can use the new Publicize feature to automatically syndicate your blog posts to Twitter and Facebook.
  • HootSuite has become a phenomenon with bloggers and companies alike. This social media management system gives you the opportunity to manage online brands and submit scheduled messages to a variety of social media services, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Mixi. This can be useful when you may be preoccupied to publicize your blog on all your social media networks or especially when planning a vacation. This way, your followers never miss out on a blog post, no matter the time of day! Other very similar platforms are Tweetchat, very helpful ion case you want to follow a specific hashtag conversation or Tweetdeck.
Other helpful tools and websites are: – allows you to follow and unfollow users easily.  This will tell you who is potentially fake  and who is not following you back. – This tool helps you schedule out tweets effectively by time. – Tweriod lets you know the best time for you to tweet. – allows you to see your most influential followers that you can message.

Tip: Multiple Accounts Don’t be afraid to obtain more than one Twitter account. Professional Internet marketers use multiple Twitter accounts to reach different niche markets to drive in even more traffic.

How do you use Twitter to promote your site? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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