How to Write a Proper Product Review

Posted on January 17, 2014
via Samantha Hahn on flickr

via Samantha Hahn on flickr

Imagine that after months of blogging, you finally have the chance to review a product from your favorite cosmetic company.  Now imagine that the CEO of that company will personally read your review. Do you think that he/she would find your review professional and insightful? Would that company want to work with you again based on the information you provided? Was their investment worth it? If you didn’t answer yes to any of those questions, then you should consider reworking your review process.  We have some easy tips for you to help you vamp up your product reviews.

Use the Product!

Don’t write a fake review or post something about the product saying that you haven’t tried it. Make sure you test it and try to use it multiple times. This will give your readers a well-rounded view of the product and will help the brand as well!  Also, don’t write a one-liner about the product and assume that it qualifies as a review.  This automatically guarantees that the brand will never work with you again!

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Spell check, proof read (out loud if you need to!) and avoid any grammar mistakes. Have a friend who knows a lot about spelling and grammar look over your post if you’re not sure. This is an absolute must! We can’t tell you how many times we have heard a company say that they don’t want their brand connected with improper grammar and misspellings. This is part of being professional and it is something we all must double check.

Provide Product Links

It’s important that when you are reviewing a product, you provide the correct URL links to the product and the brand’s website, so your readers can find out more information.  We recommend you ask the brand to send you the specific links they want you to link back to.  We guarantee, they will appreciate it!  While you’re at it, ask the brand if they’d offer your readers a special discount code.  Your followers will thank you!

Use Quality Images

Use high quality/ high resolution images! Don’t just pull that filtered shot you snapped in two minutes from Instagram. Really put effort into showcasing the product or event you’re reviewing. Here are a few posts that will help you snap some excellent photos: Beyond the Point & ShootPhoto Composition TipsHow to Create a Watermark and Photos of Beauty Swatches.

Be Professional When it Comes to Negative Reviews

If you didn’t like the product, by all means be honest! You owe it to your readers and the blogging community to give an honest review. But before you start typing away, check with the brand FIRST.  Let them know what you didn’t like about the product and see if they can resolve the problem.  Maybe you were allergic to a certain ingredient, or you received a product that wasn’t meant for your skin type, etc.  Whatever the issue, get the brand’s opinion first and give them the chance to work with you.  The brand will appreciate the chance to work with you prior to your review going live.  Remember PR reps change jobs, so if they remember you as being easy to work with and fair, they will likely reach out to you again.  Don’t let one negative review get you black-listed.  If you do decide to go ahead with your negative review, be professional and offer constructive criticism.  Imagine you had to present your review to the CEO of the company in person, would you use the same language in front of him/her as you did in your blog post? If the answer to that is no, then rethink your tone. There are proper and professional ways to execute a negative review that a company will appreciate.


Make sure you’re up to date with the latest FTC Guidelines about disclosures and always include a disclosure in each review.

Above all, remember: you are ambassadors of the brand. Maintain the professionalism in your online presence that you would like to showcase in person. Represent yourself with skill and class. If you do this, any brand would love to work with you! 

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