How to Organize Your Old Blog Posts & Pictures

Posted on July 19, 2013

Blogs contain a lot of content. All those words and pictures can get unorganized and confusing to not only the author, but reader as well. So how can you organize this valuable content in a way that makes it easily accessible to your readers? You may know where everything is at but do your followers? There are different features that various blog platforms carry to help you organize your blog while also helping others find what they are looking for.


Posts & Pages

First things first, it’s important to decide what kind of layout you prefer on your blog. Ultimately there are two different views, static and dynamic.

– Static: The part of your blog that is in the form of a page. These pages are usually necessary to your blog and easy to find. For example, they would be titled your “about me” page, about your site, services you provide, etc.

– Dynamic: Includes information on your blog that is updated with new content on a regular basis. Such as the date, tags, category, featured posts, featured images, etc.

Categories & Tags (Sub-categories)

Using categories and tags can help in determining how you want to organize your actual posts.

– Categories: Serve as ‘file folders’ for your blog.

– Tags: Sub notes within the files of those folders (categories).

Categories make it easy for readers to find all your posts relating to a specific topic. Subcategories, or ‘tags’ then assist in narrowing down their search even more for stress free accessibility.

Lets say your blog is about fashion. You would have a category tab labeled Trends and the subcategories would b labeled Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring.


Okay, all your categories and tags are figured out. You should also have a good understanding of which part of your blog is static, and what is dynamic. Next step would be having them listed in appropriate menus so your information van be found easily.

– Give your menu a title
– Put them in any order you desire
– Place which categories you want to go in each menu

It’s important to know that even before you start adding content, you should have a clear understanding about exactly what you are communicating to the world, and how your readers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. This helps you become organized and leaves your followers satisfied with a stress free visit to your blog!

How do you organize your blog? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Hi There! I just came across this site as I was searching how to do something for my blog but in looking into site more your content is super helpful and will be coming back. Thanks so much for providing great info to other Bloggers!!

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