How to Monetize your Videos

Posted on July 24, 2013

Original photo by Jonsson via Flickr

Original photo by Jonsson via Flickr

How to monetize your blog in the best way possible has been a much discussed topic on this site. We explored different ways of how to make the best of your blog and maybe a little (or a lot) money on the site through affiliate networks as seen here or unconventional ways of blog monetization as listed here.

Blog monetization however, doesn’t just stop for many bloggers with their website. Many bloggers have long turned vloggers and are implementing video content not just on Youtube but also on their website as a regular feature. This gives us yet another reason to explore monetization from a new angle.

You introduce a product in your video, chances are someone wants to buy that product!

Video productions integrated and used by not just bloggers but many other publishers are a fast growing market. Just as we see it on Youtube every day, there are tutorials, monthly favorites or product reviews that are potentially tempting your viewer to turn into a customer. Now, just as with your blog monetization, why should you as the video producer miss out on your chance to take part in this transaction? Right, so let’s see what options there are!

Very similar to what you are using on your blog already, you can include various elements of monetization into your video concept.

Selling ads – Implementing advertisement before, during or after the video!

What you should consider:

Even more so as with your blog, space and time is limited. You have a five minute video, where does the advertisement go? If you think too many ads and banners on your blog are annoying, imagine a one minute ad before the actual video starts plus interruptions or confusing pop-ups! You will notice fast, less is certainly more.

There are several formats of advertisement you can include into your video. Most common are the so called overlays and in-streams. With the first, you can place a banner/display type format over your screen and with the latter you ad commercial type interruptions to your video content. See here a more detailed list of possible formats.

How you get paid:

The system here is pretty much the same as using affiliate links for your blog. Pay per click or pay per view. The Youtube Partner Program, most commonly uses pay-per-view, meaning running your ads alone and earning money by having people view it before they can see your actual video. Since Youtube is connected to Google Adsense you can also include those ads to your network.

Find more on the Youtube Partner Program here. Even though Youtube is one of the biggest providers in terms of video monetization, it is certainly not the only one.

Coull for example offers a great addition. Using their Vidlinkr, you can put a clickable link onto your video that links back to a related company website. So your viewers can shop via the link and you earn a commission! Very easy in navigation, this product is a great alternative for vloggers who aren’t in the Youtube Program and focus more on their blog than Youtube itself.

Websites like Vidmeup even offer you the option to set up your own video hosting site “videosite” and incorporate monetization options. Other companies like Ooyala pk4 Media or Brightcove  do offer video monetization as well, however they focus on a larger volume of viewers and uploads and not so much on individually uploaded video content as seen by vloggers.

Other monetization options:

Sponsorships  Get a brand to sponsor you and give them their special mention in the beginning of your video, just as in” xyz is brought to you by xyz”.

Product placement – Getting a product for review purposes or using a product because you got paid by a brand are certainly ways to make money through your videos.

Find a great video on how to get involved with brands and advertisers here. Young Youtube stars and trending brands elaborate on their experience and give useful tips!

Selling merchandise – Got a shop on your blog? Why not expand that onto your video content. Introduce new products, showcase them and you will notice increased viewer engagement in your shop!

Lastly, some may decide it should be worth money to even play their video and install a pay-to-view option also known as Paywall. In this case, people need to pay first in order to get access to the video content. Brightcove, iBill or CCBill are websites that offer Paywall solutions.

How do you monetize your videos? Share with us your thoughts on options you are currently exploring!


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  • Harry

    Check out They have easy to use simple tools to make videos interactive. Add clickable content in your video.

  • I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting
    my own blog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100%
    positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Appreciate it
    work from home seattle recently from home seattleMy Profile

  • A very useful post. To be frank, we hadn’t thought of product placement or sponsorships, but we do encourage our customers to have a call to action in their videos. Maybe these two points are something that we should start looking into.

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