How to Include Google+ in your Blogging Routine

Posted on October 25, 2013
Find iFabbo on Google+

Find iFabbo on Google+

You know it’s there, you probably even have an account but you always wonder what to do with it – Google+ that is. Sounds familiar? Having an account is a good start, so let’s explore some more ideas on how to incorporate Google+ in your daily blogging routine to let it finally become more than just another icon on your site.

  • First up, if you haven’t yet, set up your account now! Click here to get started. Google+ might not be the most powerful social network yet but in connection with Google and all its outlets it is an important one that you shouldn’t disregard. Your YouTube channel, Picasa and many more Google based accounts are connected and having an account on Google+ can determine how Google will rank you on its search engine. Besides your personal account, you can also set up a Google+ account for your business or blog if you prefer to separate the two. Find out more about that here.
  • While you’re at it, make sure to fill out your profile with as much detail as you can and like! A full profile is always more attractive than an empty one with no content and ultimately you want to attract people with it, don’t you! Make sure to fill in a tagline, a friendly photo and all your social media and blog links!
  • Important for any blogger in regards to Google+, set up your account for Google Authorship and Author Rank to optimize your blog for SEO. Remember, Google is one of the most used and most influential search engines. You want to make sure your blog is verified and ranked as high as can be. Read more about that topic and an easy to follow instruction here.
  • If you have a Blogger account make sure to connect your Google+ profile with your blog! Instead of the old profile, people will now be linked to your Google+ profile which is a lot more informative and interactive than the old one. Find more info on connecting your accounts here. 

       If you use WordPress find here and here  widget and badges to add your Google+ account.  

  • Once you are all set, add people to your account. Google+ calls it circles and you can create as many as you like. Friends, co-workers, blogger-friends or family, everyone can be added to one or several circles so you always know what type of people you are connecting with and how to address them. You can also decide what information or posts you like to share with how many of your circles, if you prefer to keep certain things private. Make sure to read more on privacy settings here.
  • As with any social network, it is all about the interaction. Google+ is known for its +1 button you can click to “like” a post, share your post or any other information found on the internet with your circles. Now it doesn’t stop there! Once you actually have some people in your circles and others added you to theirs, make sure you interact with them!

Tip: As with any other social media outlet, use hashtags! Google+ also features “trending topics” similar to Twitter!

Every post you see on Google+ has a share or comment button. Use them! If you like something, share it, “+1” it and comment on it! You will see just as with your blog comments, people will reply and do the same with your posts. Any new post you have, share it with your Google+ account so people can actually see it. It will keep your content feed fresh and help to support your SEO. It will enable others to share and comment as well. If you do see comments on your posts, videos or photos, reply and get the conversations started!

Explore communities & hangouts on Google+!

Explore communities & hangouts on Google+!

  • Finally, join communities and take part in Google Hangouts! Hangouts are basically a group of people getting together and sharing content via chat, live video or photos. Anything is possible. There are schedules available for hangouts and some are open to everyone others are closed for specific circles only. In any way, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make new connections.

Essentially as with any other platform, it does take time to connect and grow your audience. But just as with Facebook or Twitter it is yet another chance to spread the word about your site and to gain new followers and fans or to even just get informed about new beauty or fashion trends. Better yet celebrities and big companies are known to have open hangouts which could be your chance to a unique connection!

Are you using Google+? What are your biggest challenges when it comes to using  Google+?

P.S: Don´t forget to click +1 when you’re finished reading this post to share it with your circles! Find iFabbo on Google+ here.

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