Easy Monetization Opportunities for Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

Posted on January 31, 2014

One of the biggest challenges for new affiliate marketers is simply getting started. You have those nifty links, but where do you put them to receive the most clicks and conversions? Luckily, there are several easy monetization opportunities that you may have overlooked already.

Easy Monetization Opportunities for Fashion & Beauty Bloggers, iFabbo

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A good portion of the fashion and beauty blogging community is already writing reviews. Even if it is a simple, “I bought this thing and really didn’t like it,” blurb, don’t forget your affiliate link. Your job is to generate the click. The merchant’s job is to make the sale. And even bad reviews can convert. You may not have liked that blush, but one of your reader’s loves it. Why miss out on that commission?


Many of you also do tutorials. Whether it is a new updo or holiday nails, readers want to know what products you are using and where they can purchase them to get the same results. Think of tutorials as recipes. Don’t forget the ingredients!

“Best of” Lists

We love lists! These tend to generate a lot of traffic and they easily fit into any blogging calendar. Your list may be seasonal favorites, top personal picks or bestsellers. Especially with bestsellers, there is the added persuasion of “social approval.” If everyone else is purchasing that product, consumers always feel that little peer pressure pull to jump on the bandwagon. The key with lists is to not go too short and not go too long, it needs to be just right. If you give readers too many choices they may feel overwhelmed. A nice Top 7 or Top 10 list is usually enough options to provide something for everyone without scaring them off.

Recommended Resources Page

You likely have a few signature items that people are often inquiring about. Maybe it’s a lipstick or bracelet. It may even be your blog design itself. Revisit your blog comments for inquiries that pop up frequently and create a static page on your website that includes these fan favorites and your affiliate link for purchasing.


These posts are similar to reviews but with a spin. A two-product face-off can be a great way to generate a few sales. The items need to be considered replacements for each other for this to work. A few examples would be competing denim designers, a luxury cosmetic vs. a cheaper alternative or even two merchants selling the same item. Explain to your readers the similarities, differences and your ultimate preference. Include your affiliate links for both.

What about Banners?

Here’s the deal with banners. They are easy to put up, but they generally do not convert well. They certainly do not generate anywhere near the sales an in-post link will. Consider your banner ads more as “eye candy” and a compliment to your design than something that will pay the bills. Limit your banner ad spaces and devote those spots to your top sellers and most pleasing designs.

Where are you placing your affiliate links?

Angie Nelson has been blogging since 2008. When not working with iFabbo, you can find her sharing her passion for all things subscription box on MyBeautyBoxReview.com.

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