8 bookmarklets no style blogger should be without

Posted on April 30, 2012

Photo by saturatedhigh via Flickr Creative Commons

I’m all for shortcuts. Especially on the internet. And this is why I love bookmarklets: they’re like little pieces of internet magic that sit on your tool bar. You can be browsing a site, thinking, “I like that/I want that/I need to save that for later” and voila! In one click, it’s done (and you’ve got more time for blogging).

To use them, simply visits the site below, and drag and drop the text link or image into your browser’s toolbar and you’re halfway there!

 1. Src Image

What it is: Src Image is a bookmarklet that works with Google’s image search to help you find the original source of a picture so that you can credit it correctly before publishing it on your blog. Great when you want to track down a picture to seek the owner’s permission to use it first! Added bonus: It’ll also find very similar-looking images if they’re available.

2. Pinterest

What is it: Ahh, Pinterest. You (good) time-wasting, brain-exploding with creativity, drool-worthy website.  Seriously, can you remember what life was like before Pinterest? I can’t. Hence, the Pinterest bookmarklet makes adding images to the site as easy as it can get. Just so long as you have the copyright holder’s permission (of course!). Find iFabbo on Pinterest here.

3. Wirify

What is it: If you’re into checking out other blog and website designs, and using them to inspire your own blog’s layout, Wirify will help you make a wire frame (which is basically an outline of where all the elements on the page sit) so you can see it in a bare-bones kind-of way. Good for communicating to designers how and where you’d like things on your blog to sit! Get the Wirify bookmarklet here.

4. Whishin

What is it:  Whishin is a free-to-use bookmarking website to help create your ultimate shopping lists. They can be public or private lists and friends can contribute to them if you, ahem, whish! And yes, the Whishin bookmarklet helps you easily add to these lists as you surf your fave sites!

Bonus: iFabbo will be conducting a LIVE Whishin workshop on May 3. (USA at 11.30am PDT / 2.30pm EDT, UK at 7.30pm GMT). Click here for more details.

5. Instapaper

What is it:  Intsapaper has been a love of mine for quite a while. It’s a website that basically lets you save articles for later, in very minimal fashion, and its iPad and iPhone app means you’ve always got a collection of articles to read on the go. Use the Instapaper “Read later” bookmarklet to add to the list – it only takes a second and that really interesting post you found can be instantly saved for later.

6. Spreeder

What is it: Spreeder is time-saving gold on those occasions when you have to read something long and boring (e.g: terms of use, conditions) or lengthy emails that you keep putting off. You simply highlight the text you need to read, click the Spreed! bookmarklet and hit play (or “p”). Before you know it, you’re reading the copy at 600 words (or whatever rate you set) per minute!

7. Link Ninja

What is it: Have you heard of rewardStyle? It’s a monetization platform for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Applications are needed to take part in this clever venture (created by a fashion blogger – so she really knows her stuff!) but once you’re signed on, you’ll discover how easy it is to be rewarded for sharing style products you love with your readers. The site includes the Link Ninja – a bookmarklet that does, well, I won’t give it away… you’ll have to apply and try it for yourself!

8. BO.LT

What is it:  If Pinterest, Instapaper and Visibli were morphed into one, they’d form Bo.lt. Bo.lt is like a bookmaring site (like Pinterest) that saves a list of pages or articles you like (like Instapaper) and provides you with a branded panel when sharing links (like Visibli). Of course, it’s got a bookmarklet that means you can do all three of these things with the click of one mouse. Try it and see!

Have you got a bookmarklet that you love? Share it with us!

5 Responses to “8 bookmarklets no style blogger should be without”

  • Jamie Roche
    Twitter: jamie_roche

    Bree. Thanks! Let us know if you want a few passes to offer your readers. BOLT is still in closed beta but the passes will get your readers in immediately.

    Also, we now have a Pin-it button for Pinterest user. Several of our Beta users asked for it so they could bolt a page to keep a reliable copy and pin the bolt to avoid Pinterest 404 errors when the content behind the pin is removed.


  • Bree @ The Blog Stylist
    Twitter: theblogstylist

    Ah, you are indeed correct, Jamie! My excuse: I was just super-eager to share the BO.LT story with the iFabbo readers 😉

  • erin @WELLinLA
    Twitter: wellinla

    I couldn’t live without my Bit.ly, Evernote & StumbleUpon bookmarklets! I cannot wait to check out BO.LT when they’re ready for a wave of users! Thank you for the great list of resources, Bree! Cheers!

  • Wee Birdy
    Twitter: weebirdy

    Brilliant tips – I’ve just installed Source Image and Read Later – hurrah! And I’m definitely going to look into BOLT. Thanks Bree. xx

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