BlogTrends Chat Transcript – How Fame and Blogging Have Made Some Bloggers Stars #ifabboaus

Posted on October 4, 2012

Photo by Reinis Traidas via Flickr CREATIVE COMMONS

@Blog_Trends: Q1: What makes a top blogger a “guru” #ifabboaus

@beautstoryblog: @Blog_Trends knowledge #iFabboAUS
@norlinm: #iFabboAus @Blog_Trends Q1: besides knowledge, presence & engagement – that x-factor
@xyling: @Blog_Trends Q1 : huge following, immense knowledge, zillions of hits, can survive on full-time blogging #ifabboaus
@crosswiredream: @Blog_Trends Someone with knowledge of the products they’re talking about also someone who is relatable/interesting! #iFabboAus
@themadeupmaiden: And honest #iFabboAus
@danimezza: @Blog_Trends Q1: Self-Confidence, people are always attracted to it. #ifabboaus
@HairRomance: Commitment & desire to improve RT @Blog_Trends : Q1: What makes a top blogger a “guru” #ifabboaus
@themadeupmaiden: @ifabbo It’s also good when they blog about a variety of brands and not just the ones local to a specific country #iFabboAUS
@reeseatomic: @Blog_Trends experience &authority. just because you make beauty vids &blog doesn’t mean you’re a “guru” #iFabboAUS
@danimezza: @Blog_Trends Q1: … also the ability to solve someone’s problem/s#ifabboaus
@ifabbo: @danimezza so true, it’s not what you say it’s how you say it #ifabboaus
@RedcliffeStyle: @Blog_Trends Q1 Willing to share their knowledge. Many cool gurus in Aus! #iFabboAUS
@thebeautebuzz: Q1 Agree with @norlinm it’s that X Factor! Being approachable and open are the qualities that I think makes a top blogger #ifabboaus
@themadeupmaiden: @Blog_Trends Also, I love gurus who are all humility, not arrogant, who love to keep an open mind. #iFabboAUS
@waituntilsunset: #ifabboaus being approachable is so important. Some ‘guru’ bloggers can be a bit prickly- and then it puts me off thier blog.
@shelld1979: Those that blog with their own voice. Bloggers who constantly sound like a press release turn me off. @Blog_Trendsn #ifabboaus
@beautstoryblog: @misskittycharms agreed I think they need to have an engaging personality. #iFabboAUS

@Blog_Trends: Q2: Do you think it’s necessary to have a Vlog in additional to your Blog to reach a certain level of fame? Why or why not? #ifabboaus

@norlinm: @Blog_Trends Q2: A Vlog is a great accomplishment IMO. Let’s us get to know the blogger a bit more? #iFabboAUS
@RedcliffeStyle: #ifabboaus Q2 I think Vlogs help take it to the next level. I think it helps people to be able to relate to the blogger better
@misskittycharms: vlogs reach out to a different kind of audience than blogs do- videos tell a different story than pictures do #ifabboaus
@beautstoryblog: @Blog_Trends q2. hmm good Q! I’ll never do videos as I like to maintain a level of privacy #iFabboAUS
@shelld1979: Q2: Some people are more confident in front of a camera than others. I certainly would never vlog, too shy! #ifabboaus
@xyling: @Blog_Trends IMO, yes! I have more YT subbies than I do readers because some of them are more visual I guess #ifabboaus
@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends vlogs are great. It makes it so much easier to get to know the blog author #
@misskittycharms: by having both i think you’ll appeal to both fast paced & analytical audiences as vlogs usually don’t take as much time to devour #ifabboaus
@seducedbybeauti: #ifabboaus Q2 I think you only need to vlog if you feel comfortable. It looks easier than it is. Just like it looks easy to blog!
@themadeupmaiden: @Blog_Trends I do think it would make some topics a bit easier, like how-tos #iFabboAUS
@HairRomance: @Blog_Trends A2. Vlogs show another side of the blogger, but they seem scary to do #ifabboaus
@RedcliffeStyle: #ifabboaus Q2 I’m not camera confident at all but force myself to do a vlog a couple times a month
@norlinm: #iFabboAUS I’m useless at finding time to do Vlogs but have learned heaps from others.
@reeseatomic: @Blog_Trends i think it’s good to have just to show a different side of you. you’re human, you have a life outside of makeup #ifabboaus
@misskittycharms: @beautystoryblog i also work full time! not easy, but it pays off. i also feel video is worth it coz it feels more personal #ifabboaus
@crosswiredream: @Blog_Trends They’re a great way of expanding your audience, and also interesting to watch and see another side of the blogger! #iFabboAUS
@theladida: @Blog_Trends i think if your blog is of you as a personality it could help but vlog needs to reflect the quality of blog #iFabboAUS
@HairRomance: @shelld1979 @themadeupmaiden I agree, I like videos with a written post too #ifabboaus
@ScotBeautyBlog: vblogs definitely something i’m looking to get into too but just not sure where to start, so wld wecolme any tips : ) #ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: Q3: When do you know that a blogger has reached star status?#ifabboaus

@ToniaKor: A3: When they’re sitted in the front row during Fashion Week #ifabboaus
@norlinm: @Blog_Trends Q3: When everyone knows them? & when they’re speaking at events/conferences #iFabboAUS
@beautstoryblog: @Blog_Trends Q3 huge following, working with big brands, can do it full time #iFabboAUS
@HairRomance: @Blog_Trends A3: when they get recognised in the street by non-bloggers 😉 #ifabboaus
@norlinm: @Blog_Trends Q3: When they get brand endorsements, when people mention their name if you’re asking for an area of expertise #iFabboAus
@xyling: @ifabbo @Blog_Trends When they need NO introduction at any events & you (not-so-secretly) stalk them on every social network #ifabboaus
@themadeupmaiden: @norlinm @Blog_Trends Q3:When they are at all the product launches and write reviews before a product officially hits the market. #iFabboAus
@LipstickCake: @Blog_Trends If I enjoy their blog and they come across as a nice and approachable person then they’re a star in my eye! #ifabboaus
@MagalufLady: When they walk into an event and all you can hear is “[bloggers name] is here” over and over #ifabboaus
@theladida: @ifabbo @Blog_Trends when they can make a living from it #ifabboaus @
@ScotBeautyBlog: A3: agree with @ToniaKor and also when they’re get regular TV/ radio/ mag work as enforces image of them as expert in their field #ifabboaus
@BeautyChattette: Q3: when they start charging brands stupid sums of money for a sponsored post #ifabboaus
@reeseatomic: @Blog_Trends they’re seen at every beauty launch. #ifabboaus
@RedcliffeStyle: @Blog_Trends Q3 good question. They make it to print/news or on a panel at a big event #iFabboAus
@sparklingker: When they get to travel all around the world, expenses paid lol #ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: #ifabboaus Q4: What characteristics for you look for in a famous blogger?#ifabboaus

@danimezza: @Blog_Trends Q4: Resourceful, Creative, Passionate, Likeable, Dependable. #ifabboaus
@SixInchHeel: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo Approachable, willingness to help others and sharing their knowledge. #ifabboaus
@themadeupmaiden: @Blog_Trends Integrity, approachability, likeability, humility, wit, intelligence…I don’t look for much. 😉 #iFabboAus
@norlinm: @Blog_Trends Q4: Approachable, honest, integrity, passionate, creativity, humility, being who they are online & in person. #iFabboAus
@sparklingker: @Blog_Trends someone who is friendly and will to go out of their way for their readers #ifabboaus
@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends approachable, friendly, helpful, well written posts. Regular posting. #ifabboaus
@seducedbybeauti: @Blog_Trends Q4 personality, great writing style, genuine knowledge without looking like its cash for comment #ifabboaus
@norlinm: Q4: And not forgetting the “small people” once they do become starts. #iFabboAus
@crosswiredream: @Blog_Trends Someone original, interesting, and honest #iFabboAUS
@themadeupmaiden: @Blog_Trends I also look for well written and proofread posts, i.e. no grammatical mistakes/typos/great photos. #iFabboAus
@BeautyChattette: q4: trustworthy, creative, professional, nice photos, friendly, respond to comments, good ideas #ifabboaus
@ScotBeautyBlog: Q4: likeable + approachable 4 sure, passionate about their subject + always learning, integrity is a big one for me too #ifabboaus
@RedcliffeStyle: @Blog_Trends #iFabboAus Q4 professonal, determined, passionate and likeable
@theladida: @ifabbo @Blog_Trends Q4 blogging with integrity – so disclosing freebies & payments. It helps build trust with your readers. #ifabboaus
@RedcliffeStyle: #ifabboaus Q4 Literate :)
@seducedbybeauti: @themadeupmaiden @Blog_Trends Totally agree about proofread posts. Nothing annoys me more than numerous spelling erros #ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: Q5: Star bloggers have a high level of credibility. What do you think they did to achieve this? #ifabboaus

@HairRomance: @Blog_Trends A5: consistency is key in building credibility – blogging or otherwise #ifabboaus
@RedcliffeStyle: #ifabboaus Q5 be honest and not bought. Believe in what you talk about even if it’s sponsored.
@themadeupmaiden: @ifabbo @Blog_Trends, remained honest, maintained a level of transparency with regards to sponsored posts, stayed true to readers #iFabboAus
@norlinm: @Blog_Trends Q5: Research, FULL disclosure, giving critical critcism instead of blatantly dissing & not just positive ones. #iFabboAus
@ScotBeautyBlog: @Blog_Trends never compromised their integrity, were always transparent about samples/ products/ adverts + honestly #ifabboaus
@theladida: @Blog_Trends having a disclosure policy – that way it builds trust as well #ifabboaus
@sparklingker: @Blog_Trends being honest and disclosing sponsored posts #ifabboaus
@reeseatomic: @Blog_Trends worked REALLY hard &dedicated lots of their time. for the love of the work, not because she wanted money or fame #ifabboaus
@xyling: @ifabbo @Blog_Trends Being genuinely nice!! No fakers please!!! #ifabboaus
@norlinm: Q5: A mix of sponsored & sourced content not all of it sponsored. there’s a balance #iFabboAus
@ifabbo: @Blog_Trends honestly & disclosure key to building blogger credibility #ifabboaus
@beautstoryblog: Sincerity yes is important. And yes I’m serious about your blog @xyling – even it’s title is genius! #Ifabboaus
@misskittycharms: #ifabboaus honestly and integrity are two things that will keep their audiences- the top bloggers are those who remain true to their readers

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