BlogTrends Chat Transcript – The Importance of Networking #iFabboAUS

Posted on September 5, 2012

Photo by mexico rosel via Flickr Creative Commons

@Blog_Trends: Q1: How do you promote your blog through networking? #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends I promote my blog by commenting on other blogs like mine that I like- helps to bring the right kind of traffic back #ifabboaus

@emmabovaryblog: @ifabbo I use Twitter to talk to readers, to promote new posts etc #ifabboaus

@IngridIGB: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo I mainly use Twitter and Facebook. #ifabboaus

@sparklingker: @Blog_Trends i do it through twitter and commenting on blogs #iFabboAUS

@norlinm: Q1: Business card, introducing yourself to others, breaking the ice @Blog_Trends #ifabboaus

@norlinm: @Blog_Trends that’s when I’m at an event btw. Or else, it’s via social networking sites #ifabboaus

@emmabovaryblog: @waituntilsunset @Blog_Trends I also comment on others, it creates a community and helps you stay connected to others #ifabboAUS

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends all the comments include a link back to my blog so I leave my URL off, unless a particular post is directly related #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @emmabovaryblog @Blog_Trends deffinately! And it helps to support other bloggers. I always comment when I like something! #ifabboaus

@IngridIGB: @Blog_Trends I have met so many new friends and fellow bloggers through Twitter, feel so lucky to know so many great people! #ifabboaus

@LipstickCake: @Blog_Trends Via Twitter, Facebook, comments and meeting people at events and blogging conferences #ifabboaus

@thelifeofclare: A1 follow similar blogs to mine on #instagram #twitter, comment on all blogs I follow, bringing traffic back! #ifabboaus@Blog_Trends

@SixInchHeel: @Blog_Trends posting on forums that relate to your blog. Tweeting & responding to others on their blogs or on twitter#ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @ifabbo @Blog_Trends I find Instagram amazing for networking! And it introduces your blog to whole new audience#ifabboaus #blogtrends

@StylingYou: @thebeautebuzz @Blog_trends Work at the engagement and the likers will come. Think of the shareability factor #ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: @ifabbo Q2: What is the best way to approach people… in person or online? #ifabboaus

@SixInchHeel: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo I think you have to start online first. You won’t get many event invites if you are not as established.#ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo build relationships online which lead to a ‘real-life’ connections in the future #ifabboaus

@shelld1979: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo Online for me. I don’t live in a capital city so online is easier. #ifabboaus

@LipstickCake: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo I think in this day and age you’re more likely to connect initially online and then in person#ifabboaus

@themadeupmaiden: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo #ifabboAus I think it’s easier to meet new people online as compared to in real life! We’re all more open/friendly. :)

@waituntilsunset: @themadeupmaiden @Blog_Trends @ifabbo absolutely! And being bloggers, clearly we need to be internet approachable!#ifabboaus

@the_makeupcase: @blog_trends @themakeupmaiden so true people can be more open online. But I’ve found people great in person too#ifabboaus

@themadeupmaiden: @the_makeupcase @blog_trends @themakeupmaiden oh and shopping would bond anyone! Haha. #ifabboAus

@themadeupmaiden: @ToniaKor nothing bonds people more than shopping and eating/drinking! :) a pamper session doesn’t go astray either! 😉 #ifabboAus@seducedbybeauti: @blog_trends #ifabboaus I have found reading blogs and following links has led me to wonderful people in my city.

@Blog_Trends: @ifabbo Q3: What are the recommended places/events/resources for networking? #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo GET INTO EVERYTHING! Every event in your city, in your niche- get on board!! #ifabboaus

@themadeupmaiden: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo company or product launches, I think. If you’re lucky enough to score an invite! :)#ifabboAus

@shelld1979: @Blog_Trends #ifabboaus A networking website would eliminate the problem of physical distance.

@MadameBFatale: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo online forums that relate to your niche are great. #iFabboAUS oh and Facebook groups!

@bloss59: @Blog_Trends I think LinkedIn is but so few Australians use it! #ifabboAUS

@norlinm: Q3: blogging conferences are also great places for networking. #ifabboAUS @Blog_Trends @ifabbo

@bloss59: @Blog_Trends yes! I use one called beauty bloggers Australia #ifabboAUS

@HairRomance: I use fb to connect with readers, twitter for brands/blogs RT @Blog_Trends: Who uses Facebook groups as a way to network? #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends Facebook groups open up a whole new audience for your blog- get onto them! #ifabboaus

@seducedbybeauti: I just recently attended #ABC2012 which was brilliant at meeting other bloggers #ifabboaus @blog_trends

@LipstickCake: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo Events, blogging conferences, twitter… #ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: @ifabbo Q4: What if I’m shy? How do I stop being nervous so I can network? #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @thebeautebuzz @Blog_Trends stop being shy- that is a big key!!! :) #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo be proud of what you do what you write and what you create! It shows in your blog! Confidence brings readers #ifabboaus

@thebeautebuzz: @Blog_Trends Something I had to teach myself too- throw yourself right into the deep end! #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo start small, email a blogger you admire, re-tweet a comment you enjoyed. Small interactions lead to big ones #ifabboaus

@seducedbybeauti: @ifabbo Q4 I always remind myself that we have a common interest. It makes it easier to break the ice. #ifabboaus

@ToniaKor: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo. Just be yourself and be confident! #ifabboaus

@SixInchHeel: @shelld1979 @blog_trends @ifabbo starting online friendships first with bloggers. Small meets first instead of big conventions #ifabboaus

@LipstickCake: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo Now I realise that most of the other bloggers are just like me and are always happy to meet new people #ifabboaus

@EmilyQuak: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo that is a big problem for me! Thankfully others are friendly- you just need to make eye contact and smile :) #ifabboaus

@waituntilsunset: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo we are all here for the same reason- to support & grow our blogs! Reach out others like u- bust that shyness #ifabboaus

@makeuptipsblogg: @Blog_Trends @ifabbo Take sometime to read the blog before you network if possible & mention a post you enjoyed!#ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: @ifabbo Q5: What websites are available for career networking? #ifabboaus

@HairRomance: LinkedIn is great RT @Blog_Trends: @ifabbo Q5: What websites are available for career networking? #ifabboaus

@HairRomance: Don’t underestimate twitter for business RT @Blog_Trends: @ifabbo Q5: What websites are available for career networking? #ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: @ifabbo: We like LinkedIn as well #ifabboaus

@Blog_Trends: LinkedIn is great if you want to be introduced to other professionals in your field #ifabboaus

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