Blogger of the month: Kimmie Smith of Kitten Lounge

Posted on May 1, 2011

Name: Kimmie Smith
Blog: Kitten Lounge
What is your blog about? Living the lifestyle by covering fashion, style, beauty, travel and decor
Day job? Kitten Lounge is my day job along with being an on air-personality and designing my collaboration lines with such brands as Sebago.
What do you like about blogging? Blogging allows me to share trends of the industry as well as things that I find to be essentials. I love being able to show people behind-the-scenes info as my background in fashion spans visual merchandising, modeling, wholesale and more. In many ways it’s not just a site about living the lifestyle but how to find your place within fashion if this is something that you would like to work in.
Biggest challenge when it comes to blogging? Focus is essential. I created editorial calendars as there is a method to the madness and I don’t want to cover every little thing, I truly want to curate the best of what’s out there and what I consider to be the next thing.
Something most people don’t know about you? I get excited about the little and the big things. A pair of Loubis will make me squeal in delight but getting my fave green tea icecream on a hot day after getting out of a chaotic week of traveling and design makes me just as happy.
Best talent? My perception in being able to pick a trend prior to those within established magazines and other celeb stylists makes me pleased. I always go with my gut instinct and am never afraid to let it be known that I think that something is huge even before it’s on the global radar.
Who is the one person you’d like to meet? The people I love meeting are those that are the soon to be trailblazers. Any mind that is a creative is one that I want to know. I live for inspiration and just having the raw energy that takes you to your next project and people who are within that mind wave always have my attention.

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