20 Questions With Jake Sauvage of Tres Sauvage

Posted on May 2, 2013

Jake Savage

  1. Name: Jake Sauvage
  2. Blog: tressauvage
  3. Location: Hamilton, Ontario
  4. Twitter handle: @IAmJakeSauvage
  5. What is your blog about: It’s all about beauty and wellness education – I just want to teach people how to be the best version of themselves.
  6. Date Started Blogging: October, 2011
  7. Day Job: Esthetican/Makeup Artist
  8. Why did you decide to start a blog? Originally it was going to be a platform for my weight loss journey – but that changed over time, and I started blogging about my two biggest loves – health and beauty!
  9. How did you choose your blog’s title? Kind of a play on my last name – very wild, it’s clever, huh?
  10. What do you like about blogging: I like that I get to interact with a myriad of different people, share my story and hear theirs in return – I feel so much more worldly since I started blogging!
  11. Which blogging platform do you use? Why?  I’m on WordPress – I like that it’s so customizable – and I like that I have the option to self-host (if I ever get to that point).
  12. Biggest challenge when it comes to blogging: I’d say it’s really difficult to create quality content sometimes – I want to stand out from the crowd, and sometimes it feels like I’m just regurgitating information when I review certain products – I try to play with a lot of the lesser known brands to avoid this feeling.
  13. Do you monetize your blog? Not currently – no!
  14. Biggest blogging achievements?  I made the list of iFabbo’s 50 Bloggers to Watch and Learn From – I was pretty proud of myself when I heard the news! Other than that, I’m not sure – I’ve got to work with a lot of different companies – so I guess that’s a huge achievement, huh?
  15. Worst blogging mistake you ever made? When I changed my domain name I noticed a huge spike in my traffic (downwards – not upwards)  – I don’t know why that happened but some days I still regret deciding to change it, ahaha!
  16. What are your favorite blogs? I find myself on Ourpaintedworld whenever I need a pick-me-up – but I’ve learned a lot of helpful blogging tips from Sweet Jelly Bean – if you’re new or need some inspiration I’d definitely check her out! A few of my other favorites are: Beausic, Jpark0718 , Painted lady beauty , Wayfaring beauty – er, hopefully I didn’t miss anybody.
  17. What type of camera do you use? I use a Canon Powershot – I’m not even sure which model…I should probably get a new camera soon – the whole “point and shoot” camera thing doesn’t always agree with me!
  18. Something most people don’t know about you? I’m a Cancer – and I’m addicted to flamin’ hot Cheetos (which you can’t even get in Canada…)!
  19. Biggest talent: I always manage to find some levity in a situation – that’s a talent, right?
  20. Who is the one person you’d like to meet? I’d love to meet the person I’m meant to be with – like really though, I’m sick of being single – hello, soulmate – where are you?

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One Response to “20 Questions With Jake Sauvage of Tres Sauvage”

  • Gotta love Jake! Nice to meet such a cheerful and straight to the point blogger – love the name Tres Sauvage definitely – so catchy! But I know what you mean about the spike thing, I went through the same thing when I changed my domain too! Well done once again for being featured here, definitely well-deserved! xx
    Donah recently posted..Sua Young Mineral BB Cream, Swatches & ReviewMy Profile

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