Blogger Jealousy – Reaching Beyond the Emotions

Posted on April 24, 2013

Every blogger has to start somewhere. First you start with writing posts, developing content and reaching out to other bloggers. At first you may reach five people, then 30 and some days even a 1000 fellow bloggers and visitors.

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In the meantime, you come across many others who seem to have always better posts, more followers, better ideas, more success.

Now, stop right there! Thoughts of comparing yourself to other bloggers are natural; we want to know what others are doing and how good we are compared to them. But have you considered these important facts when detecting jealousy?

Stop comparing yourself to others!

There is a reason why people say, there is no need to compare your start to someone else´s middle. Meaning, if you are six months into blogging, you can´t compare yourself to a blogger who is in the business for five years.

Think about the facts that make you feel envy. Is it the amount of followers, is it a specific content? Maybe a certain style or design?

In that case, the solution is simple! Try to adapt to that style, try to figure out what that blogger does that you just haven´t discovered yet.

Embrace your feelings but don´t let them overwhelm you! It is important to understand, that feeling jealous is part of being in a community where the competition is always noticeable. A fellow blogger constantly posts about new hauls, new events they went to? Well, then you know what to do next! Stay away from negative commenting and badmouthing other bloggers as it is never an option and won´t help you to succeed. Instead, set goals for yourself!

Turn the jealousy into motivation!

Getting motivated for your next haul or getting motivated to reach out to PR agencies to get invited as well – that should be your next step!

Key is to recognize what it is that bothers you, acknowledge it and work with it! Turn the jealously into appreciation for the more successful blogger and try to learn from them as much as you can!

In the blogging community things change quickly. Consider it a constant playground for bloggers to reach out to each other, get acknowledged and receive appreciation. The search for new and upcoming bloggers is constant. Why not use that to your advantage? Discover a new niche or a new way of approaching your readers and the success will come. Even if it takes a while, it is important to find challenges that keep you motivated. That might involve, turning envy into respect.

How do you deal with jealousy amongst the blogger community? Do you have a strategy?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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11 Responses to “Blogger Jealousy – Reaching Beyond the Emotions”

  • Beautiful article. Actually, my device is excactly the same. I don’t feel such thing as jealousy, whether in the blogging nor pole community. In contrast: where others might get jealous, I merely feel motivated & inspired. It’s also because, I know, what I can and what I am capable of in the future. So, there’s no need for me to worry… Comparison? Nope, everybody is different and I don’t wanna be compared to others neither. That’s how I think. :)

  • Good article. And it does suck when jealousy happens. But for my case, I think it’s the opposite. Instead of me being jealous, it’s the other way around. And add in the fact that I’m the one who started a beauty blog later than most of my peers, I always personally try not to let jealousy get in the way. Everyone blogs differently, this is a factor all bloggers have to accept.

    Although it didn’t help that the person jealous of me just can’t see what’s wrong. She just sees me as a threat 24/7, she’s jealous of me cos I have more pageviews despite starting my beauty blog a year later than her. She’s jealous of the amount of facebook page fans I have despite having my page also a year later than her. And she’s mad to the point that as soon as I started joining the first Facebook Contest and win every now and then, and she thinks it’s more than her.

    For me, I just see contests and giveaways similar and comparable to gambling. It’s based on 50% luck and 50% chance, I might win, I might not win. But she just fails to see that point. And only recently, I got to find out that she’s stalking my profile and facebook page, trying to find posts that she thinks are badmouthing about her.

    I don’t really have any personal strategy since I never cared much about her anyway. So, I can’t even be sure just exactly why she’s so jealous of me, despite my not so big achievements. My FB page doesn’t even have a million fans joining on a daily basis, and my blog doesn’t even hit a million pageviews an hour either, if she’s going to hate, why not hate the ones who are so famously successful, instead of humble me? And as if that’s not enough, she’s convinced I am spreading lies about her and ruining her reputation online so that she doesn’t have any new fans on her FB page nor pageviews on her blog.

    And she even went as far as to pretend I was the one at fault because of the amount of page fans and winnings in particular. All I am doing is to give back to the fans and readers for their support. Is that even a crime?

    Like, how is it even mildly my fault? >.<

    • xlovehappyx
      Twitter: xlovehappyx

      Wow, it must be tough to deal with someone who is often being rude to you out of jealousy…I have dealt with it, too, and deal with hackers as well. I definitely would not pay attention to her jealous antics. One day she will realize how silly she was being!
      xlovehappyx recently posted..FOTD | Coastal Scents 88 Warm PaletteMy Profile

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly
    Twitter: Tracy_Iglesias

    Unfortunately the green eyed monster will always rear it’s ugly and annoying little head, no matter what your industry. I’ve always said the same thing about this issue, we all have different styles, not just our fashion styles, but our writing styles too, what’s meant for you will come to you, keep plugging away and putting forth your best efforts, you will reap the harvest eventually, in the time that is meant for YOU. For some the grass always seems greener on the other side. Just remember each and every one of us puts in hard work and effort, we all can, and will get a piece of the delicious pie in time! :-)
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Blessed are the Weird!My Profile

    • xlovehappyx
      Twitter: xlovehappyx

      I agree that some people make it look easy…but it’s a lot of work to become successful! The overnight success stories are rare!! A lot of people want all the benefits without paying their dues :) I also believe that there is enough room for all of us in this blogging world because we are all unique; but then too many people become copycats because they think that being exactly like another blogger is what will get them the success they desire.
      xlovehappyx recently posted..FOTD | Coastal Scents 88 Warm PaletteMy Profile

  • xlovehappyx
    Twitter: xlovehappyx

    I think your tips for combating Blogger Envy are great, like “don’t compare yourself”. I personally have always been a blogger who gets INSPIRED by successful people, not jealous : )

    If someone is finding her/himself feeling very envious, I suggest reaching out to the successful blogger and asking for encouragement! Most bloggers will be flattered and love to help a little guy out 😉
    xlovehappyx recently posted..FOTD | Coastal Scents 88 Warm PaletteMy Profile

  • J
    Twitter: makeupthebay

    I love the article! It’s so true. The biggest advice I can give a new blogger is to be clear about what you want as far as content goes. Then imagine in your head what you want your blog to look like & function in in 5 yrs. Never stray away from your uniqueness. What you eventually will provide for the companies that work with you on your blog is valuable. It simply takes time. Thanks to social media we all have to find a way to brand ourselves & our blogs. Most people have no idea what SEO, embedding, HTML script, meta tags, spiders & crawlers are… let alone how they work. Simply stated, not everyone is as savvy as you & eventually businesses will want to get at your follower base. I mean, it’s a lot easier to use someone else’s than grow your customer list yourself. Any who, reach for the stars! You can do it! I’ve been blogging for over a year now & am still learning. Feel free to converse with me. I’m PR friendly & social media savvy. I’d be happy to tell you what’s getting me page hits. xoxoxo
    J recently posted..The perfect wedding RSVPMy Profile

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