Read This Before You Switch Your Niche

Posted on February 1, 2013

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Once upon a time, you started a blog.  Maybe it was in beauty, maybe it was in fashion… As you became more familiar with the hows, whats and whys of the blogosphere and what maintaining a blog entails, you’re suddenly thinking… maybe I’d be better at “insert another niche here.”

Switching your niche can have a positive or negative effect on your little corner of the cyber world.  How you handle it can make or break you.  Keep these things in mind:

  • Transition slowly.  If you’re one of the top 10 Fashion Bloggers in the world and you suddenly decide to be beauty only, your fans will be seriously confused and probably pretty mad.  It’s likely that even if you switch back to fashion, you’d have lost a significant amount of followers and credibility.
  • If you’ve only been blogging for a short time and your blog is still relatively small, it’s absolutely within the realm of possibilities to try something new.  Keeping your current blog and starting another one to see where you can make the most magic is a good route to take in this instance.  If you feel the most comfortable with your new blog and the juices flow a little easier, then you can always set up a redirect at your old domain so your traffic is easily transferred to the new one.
  • If you’ve been blogging for awhile, take it one step at a time.  Say you post every day about beauty but want to try fashion.  Designate one day a week for fashion posts, and see how your readers respond.  After awhile, you may find this is the niche you should be in, and you can slowly add in more and more.   You may also realize that you’re not as into this new niche as you thought.
  • Don’t pick a niche because you think it will be easier to make money or get free items.  The Internet is saturated with blogs (check Cyber Journalist for the mind-boggling statistics), and PR firms and companies are very limited on samples.  Starting a new niche is like starting over.  You’re at ground zero, and you’ll need to prove yourself all over again.

In the end, it’s not about who loves what you do, it’s about you loving what you do.

Have you jumped from one niche to another or thought about doing so?  Share your experience in the comments below!

In addition to working with iFabbo, Brooke is also the Editor-in-Chief of the blog Blushing Noir. Recently, Brooke was named as the Allure Magazine 2012 Most Buzzworthy Blogger in their first annual Beauty Blogger Awards.

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2 Responses to “Read This Before You Switch Your Niche”

  • Maria @CrashingRed/SoNailicious
    Twitter: Crashingred

    Why switching? You can always start a second blog! I was doing nail art posts on my fashion blog, for about 2 years. Then as I felt I want to do more nail art and more nail posts I simply started new website – Both sites have benefited from such separation and those CR readers who liked my nail posts are now over at SN and I keep CR purely fashion. Both sites are growing faster then ever. And, trust me, you’ll never get bored with two websites as soon as you know and love what you’re doing.
    Ps. I wouldn’t recommend mixing different subjects on one blog. Sticking to 1 niche is always better.
    Maria @CrashingRed/SoNailicious recently posted..Bon voyage! A weekend awayMy Profile

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