How to take advantage of your blog’s about section

Posted on April 24, 2012

Photo by Andre-Batista via Flickr Creative Commons

Your blog is probably all about your perspective on the fashion or beauty world, but do your readers really know about why you started your blog, what you are hoping to achieve or how to send you an idea? About half of the popular beauty and fashion blog sites take advantage of an “About” tab or link on their site to tell the back story about why the blog exists. But I wonder why more bloggers – from the larger sites to the one-woman blogger – don’t take advantage of that precious piece of real estate on their site.

My take is that the “About” or “About us” section can be the place where the reader sees your blog’s personality shine through. Too often, it’s underutilized space which could be used to tell your back story or to direct them to people who work behind the scenes. There’s no one way to package the copy for your about page, in fact it seems that everyone takes a different tack. And that’s the way it should be because it needs to reflect your personality, align with your mission statement and perhaps even serve as a catchall of information where readers can find vital information all in one place.

There are great examples of the variety of about pages where you can glean an idea from. For example, Refinery29, the popular cornerstone of fashion, beauty and shopping, turned its about page into a one-stop place to find their positioning statement, links to the various editors, how to submit your fresh ideas, advertising contacts, and a place to give them feedback on what they are doing.

Aiguamedia, the London-based fashion and beauty “magazine” that includes blogs from the Catwalk Queen and Kiss and Makeup, spells out its mission statement in its “About us page” so creatively that it’s a far cry from a boring mission statement. They help you understand their scope of readers – more than 1.25 million fashion followers and more than 150,000 registered shoppers – that also convinces potential advertisers to take a more in-depth look without being a hard advertising sell.

It’s a place for you to compactly package the key facts behind what makes your blog tick. In their about section, College Fashion explains what College Fashion is, its goals, and who is behind the blog. Since it’s the only fashion blog written by college students for college students, it includes links to the various writer profiles and their posts.

The copy style should reflect the style of the blog and be inviting to the reader clicking on the about link. I especially like the conversational style of Stylehive‘s about page which is sharply written and welcomes readers to the site. In a promotional style, Stylehive tells you who they are, why you should be reading them, and what you get for joining their community.

Are you taking advantage of the “About us” real estate on your blog? If not, this could be the time to package together key facts and links for your blog site, while making it reflect your blog’s special personality.

Ursula Herrick is the president of Herrick Media, a boutique PR agency focused on media relations and social media marketing.


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