Beauty & Fashion Vlogging: The Basics

Posted on November 13, 2013
Camera operator setting up the video cameraPhoto by jsawkins via Flickr

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been blogging for a while and you are now wanting to take the next step…  and step in front of the camera.  Creating your own vlog can be a great way to showcase your OOTD, review your latest iFabbo SHOP finds and be introduced to a new audience.  We’re here to help you get started by highlighting some of the basics!


  1. A camera that shoots video. This can be your point and shoot or DSLR that you use to take all of your photos for your blog already, or you can use the camera that’s in your laptop (if you have one). If you’re really into it, you can certainly go out and purchase a fancy camera, but it’s not necessary. A really great HD webcam on the market right now is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam. If you’re planning on taking the camera on the go, you might want to look into a GoPro Hero3 or a Sony HD Handycam.  If you’re looking for an all-in-one HD video and photo capabilities, then you’ve gotta have the Canon Rebel T4i. If none of these options are really in your price range, you can always make due with your cell phone’s camera. The Samsung Galaxy s4 and the iPhone 5s take really excellent quality video for a cell phone.
  2. Editing software. Generally, Mac users have iMovie & PC users have Windows Movie Maker. These programs usually come with (at least a trial version) your operating system and they do the job just fine. If you’re looking to purchase something, here are a few options: Adobe Premiere Elements, and Final Cut Pro X (for mac).  Any kind of editing software will come in handy when you’re watching your footage back and realize that you’ve said “um” throughout your video or lost your train of thought. Editing can be a daunting process, but it’s well worth it. It may take you a while to get the hang of it at first, but keep at it and soon you’ll be churning out a video faster than you can write a post.
  3. A way to keep your camera steady in one spot. Using your little brother as a tripod really isn’t nice to your brother or to your audience. No one wants to watch a version of your vlog that looks like the Blair Witch Project! If you’re using a point & shoot, pick up a small tripod for a few bucks that will hold your camera steady while you’re in front of it. If you’re using your laptop, just keep it tilted at the same angle throughout your recording process and you’re good to go! The Canon Deluxe Tripod, 3Pod Tabletop Tripod, and GorillaPod are all good quality tripods that can stand freely or can wrap around something for awkward angled shots and stability.
  4. The right lighting. You really can’t just turn on a light in a dark room and call it a day. Try to film in the day time so you can make use of the (free!) natural daylight. It really is the best lighting and doesn’t take much effort. Just sit in front of a window and adjust the blinds to let in a little more or a little less light depending on how it shows up on the screen. You obviously don’t want your face to show up blinding white in the footage, so in that case you’d adjust the blinds to let in less light. If you’re stuck filming in darker locations, you might have to improvise on some artificial lighting. The Diva Ring Light for example, is perfect for lighting close head shot footage.   You also need to light the background, (and don’t forget to pick up around the house before you do!). If you,re looking for things you can use around the house, you can use your desk lamp. Just make sure you’ve got the right kind of LED bulb and a diffuser. You really need something that simulates the natural color of daylight. Try the Lotus Light from DVE Store. If you’re looking for a more detailed description of lighting for makeup & fashion videos, It’s Judy Time has got an amazing vlog about it.
  5. A YouTube, Vimeo, or other video uploading service account. Honestly, most people go with YouTube. It’s the most popular and therefore the most searched. You’re probably going to get the most views by search if you upload videos to YouTube.
  6. Your creativity and your speaking voice! Leave your stage fright at the door. Sometimes it can be nerve wracking to get in front of a camera and talk instead of writing it all out. That feeling is normal! If you need to, write out a little script and put it up behind the camera for you to glance at occasionally. And if you mess up, that’s what editing is for!

What to talk about?

Well, anything you’d write a blog about, of course! If you’re looking to implement vlogging on a regular basis, try doing a specific series where your followers will only find it on your vlog instead on your blog. Many bloggers make videos of their reviews and their tutorials. Others make posts about their “empties” at the end of the month or their fashion hauls. These are all great ideas to base your video topics on.

The best thing that you can do if you really want to get into vlogging is just to get in front of the camera and do it! The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get. Plus, your readers will get a chance to learn a little bit more about you!

Want some inspiration?  Here are some really great iFabbo vloggers:

SimplyBMakeup | Zosolights | FacesBySam | TheLaurenHarperSlashedBeauty
Naseemdelan | MahaMaven | Cosmetish | BlushingNoir | Phyrra | BeautyandBliss67

If you still have questions or have a neat trick to share, leave us a comment below or on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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