50 Australian beauty blogs to watch (part II)

Posted on July 5, 2012

When we put up the 50 Australian Beauty Blogs To Watch list, we knew you’d be interested, but what we weren’t expecting was so many thank you posts, tweets and messages! It’s obvious Australian beauty bloggers have a very strong community and we’re delighted to have put some smiles on the faces of many of them.

So we quickly got to work on the 50 Australian Beauty Blogs To Watch Part II list. It includes many other beauty blogs we’ve discovered, as well as some that came recommended to us (from you!) via part one’s post comments. Now you’ve got 100 Australian beauty blogs to read. There’s something to learn from all… Enjoy!

A Beautiful Story – A great tip all bloggers can learn from Sarah is the importance of a tagline. Instantly upon visiting A Beautiful Story we know it’s about “Beauty. Wellbeing. Life. One post at a time…”.
Allure Of Beauty – We’ve heard Rachel began her makeup career working with none other than Australian makeup legend, Rae Morris. If that’s not reason enough to read her makeup tips, we don’t know what is!
Another Makeup Blog – Vanessa’s not just a beauty blogger, she’s a professional editorial hair and makeup artist too! Stop by her blog for snippits of her work.
Balmain Beauty – Karen understands the importance of consistency when creating social network profiles linked to your blog! Use the same name (e.g: @balmnainbeauty) on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more to make it easy for readers to find you.
Beauty Bargain Queen – Adding in a fancy web font is a great way to add some life to your design, just keep it simple like Joy has on Beauty Bargain Queen (or you risk your blog looking OTT!)
Beauty Chattette – Social-media marketer by day, beauty blogger by night. We think Belinda’s got two of the best interests in the world, bar none!
Beauty Down Under – We could hardly have a list of Australian beauty blogs to watch without including this blog, could we?! Visit Hannah’s blog for tips, tricks and reviews.
Beauty Soiree – For an eye-catching header, click on over to Stephanie’s Beauty Soiree! It’s taking the ombre trend and turning it into a logo!
Beauty Swatch – If you’re after an online colour library of lip products, Beauty Swatch is the place to be. We love how Akisa is trying to cater for every reader by showcasing as many swatches across ethnicities and ages as possible.
BellaBoo Beauty Blog – A popular question from many bloggers-to-be is how to come up with a blog name. We love how Kira explains her name choice right in her sidebar.
Bossy Beauty – For a lifestyle magazine-like experience written by a team of bloggers, Bossy Beauty is a mecca for beauty reviews and more!
Coco & Cino – Jaz and Suz’s blog is a great example of what a professional blog theme or template can do!
Crosswired Dreamers – Photographing your beauty products on a background of pretty paper or fabric is a great way to make them look professional. We love how sisters Megan and Katelyn shoot theirs!
DanniiBeauty – Here’s a tip you can take away from Dannii’s beauty blog: Create an In The Media page to highlight where and when your blog’s been featured. It’s great to keep a record to share with PRs and potential advertisers!
Dempeaux – With an impressive list of archives, and an equally impressive list of beauty blogs on Sarah’s blog roll, you’ll be happily pre occupied for hours with Dempeaux!
D’Marge – A sharp and slick Australian men’s blog with a comprehensive grooming section.
Eat Pain. Sniff Glue – For a header or logo that’s truly unique, a custom illustration is the way to go (just check out Michelle’s!). Can’t find a designer? We suggest browsing Etsy!
Emma Bovary Beauty – A top tip you can learn from Emma’s blog: It’s not up to you to decide how your readers subscribe to your blog, just give them all the options! On EBB you’ll find Google Friend Connect, BlogLovin’, and RSS options. Tick!
Glam Polish – Looking for polish reviews and nail art ideas? Look no further than Glam Polish! To say she likes pretty nails would be an understatement, we’re sure!
Grace And Glitter – Easy-to-read site title, easy-to-find contact and about details, smiling photo with blogger info, uncluttered sidebars, and big clear pictures. Well done Michelle – you’ve got gold stars from us!
Inside Out Style – Imogen’s blog always feels like reading a value-packed magazine. Lots of interesting posts, loaded with great info and presented in a consistent manner!
Jade Musing – A toolbar is a great way to highlight subscription methods and sharing buttons on your blog. Visit’s Jade’s site to see the Wibiya bar in action!
Just Pain Delirious – One way to keep your readers coming back is to let them know what posts you’ve got coming up. Joline does this in her sidebar, crossing them off as she adds them.
Kate B McLeod – Kate’s lifestyle blog is a delightful mix of fashion, beauty, books and inspiring words presented on a bright and cheery design.
Keeping Up With Me – We have posted on this blog some of the ways you can use Polyvore sets to create pretty beauty blog posts. Tara’s got some great examples on her blog – keep them in mind if you’re looking for inspiration!
Lab Muffin – Hearing a scientist talk about beauty is always highly informative. They know what works and why, helping you save time and money! Check out Michelle’s Lab Muffin blog.
Lashes & Lattes – Creating a challenge is a fun way to interact with other bloggers and build an audience. Rosemary (along with @misspopc) created the #30daysoflippychallenge.
Lather, Rinse, Repeat – A cute and catchy name can really add to the value of your blog, as in the case of Michaela’s Lather Rinse Repeat. And remember: if you only spend money on one blogging ‘thing’, make it a domain name!
Lipstalker – If you’re wanting to make a name for yourself via your blog in a particular topic, focusing on a micro niche like Lin has is definitely a step in the right direction. She also blogs at The Best Beauty Blog .
Marked Beauty – Brisbane blogger, Marleena followed Beautifully Glossy’s challenge of finishing 50 beauty products. Not only does this provide great content for her readers, it’s an easy way to stay motivated to post and avoid wasting products!
Ms Billi’s Beauty Blog – If you’re going to run videos on your blog, it really helps if you spend a little time editing them. Some simple captions and music can make a huge difference! Check out Billi’s for some great examples.
Miss J Shopaholic – Lists are a great way to create interesting content. Readers love anything that feels comprehensive, yet is easy to digest! Check out Jess’s blog for exampls of top 10s, monthly beauty favourites and more.
Our Beauty Philosophy – If you’ve ever wondered what goes in a media kit, click through to Elle’s blog to view her media kit page (and check out her product-rating scoreboards on her posts too!).
Oz Beauty Expert – With a blog title like that, it’d have to appear on a list like this, right?! Bonnie’s beauty CV is im-to-the-pressive. Check out her “about” page for details!
Pink Dynamite – Formally known as Love Vulcanella, Anita’s blog is a great example of how consistency can make a simple layout look great. Check out her header and sidebar links for examples.
Pop Couture – Kimberley is totally on the ball when it comes to encourage her readers to subscribe and share her content. Easy-to-locate buttons on posts and sidebars are always the way to go!
Sherrymint – Sherry’s gorgeous photography has us thinking we’d be lucky if we were even half as talented as she is!
Princess Neena – Neena’s Ramblings Of A Girl blog has a layout that immediately makes you stop to look. It’s clean, uncluttered, with a fabulous header.
Sweet Days Of Girlie – Clutter-free sidebars, dark text on a light background, and an uncomplicated navigation. Three great points to take away from blogger Saku!
Sweet Something – By Australian outback blogger Melanie, Sweet Something has a design that just makes you want to smile! Check it out for her take on blog sponsorships.
Sydney Sparkle – We particularly love Nadine’s loving and loathing lists in her sidebar. A great snapshot of what’s hot (or what’s not). Clever, quick and cute!
Tegania’s Thoughts – Even if you’re not the world’s best photographer, you can find interesting backgrounds to shoot your beauty products on. Head straight to Tegan’s blog for interesting product image inspiration!
The Beauty Dispensary – Melbourne blogger Madame M has been working in the beauty industry for years and gets our award for most beauty-full (geddit?) blog header!
The Beauty Of Red Roses – Having a related posts list below each post is a great way to encourage readers to stay on your blog and discover other posts. See the LinkWithin widget in action on Rose’s blog.
The Beauty Scholar – An eye-catching profile image on your blog’s Facebook page will help any updates stand out in the news feed. Visit SJ’s blog page for a great example.
The Clean Beauty Blog – With more and more consumers making the switch to organic and eco products, it’s great to have such a good source of info!
The Perfect Lipstick – This beauty blog is co-written by Katherine and her mum Sue! If that’s not enough to make your heart sing, then the cute lipstick header will.
The Ugly Moments – Take this top writing tip from Keri: Break up long posts with pictures and bullet points to keep your readers focused!
Things I Love – When creating content, look for something your readers will appreciate and be encouraged to return to your blog to read, such as a directory or listing page. Take note of LipPil’s beauty sales and GWP page.
Violet LeBeaux – Your blog is a brand, even if you don’t intend it to be that way! Carry the message of what your blog’s about – exactly how Violet does it! – by keeping your social blog and social networks looking consistent.

Have we covered your faves? Anyone else we should know about? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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