App of the Month: GoodGuide

Posted on May 8, 2014

The quest for healthier and more eco-friendly products continues to become increasing popular. Some bloggers are now focusing on this niche specifically. While it may be easy to hit up Google when you are at home to research that potential buy, that information isn’t so accessible on the go – until now.

App of the Month: GoodGuide

May’s App of the Month is GoodGuide. This business provides a company or product rating for three categories. Upon snapping a picture of the barcode on that shampoo or lipstick you will see how healthy, environmentally-friendly and socially conscious that product is on a 0-10 scale. And their database goes beyond beauty items. It includes 120,000+ food, personal care, apparel and household products.

Find More Healthy and Eco-Friendly Products with Your Smartphone

In addition to providing individual scores, you can also receive recommendations. Fill out your profile with those issues most important to you and receive personalized referrals.

GoodGuide is available for both Android and iOS devices. They also have a fully functioning website for those times you are at your desktop. No excuses for not making more informed shopping decisions!

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