6 fast social-media tips for savvy bloggers

Posted on January 4, 2012

Photo by EDLH via Flickr Creative Commons

Unless you’re blogging for yourself, your mother and your Aunt Ida, you need to use social media. It doesn’t have to be painful! In fact, it can be a lot of fun! Here are some tips to make social media marketing easier and grow your fan base quickly.

1. Make your social-media profiles easy to find

Put them all in one place – usually the right sidebar or header is best. You can use icons or widgets. Personally, I like widgets, because they show how many followers you have, show your recent posts and encourage interaction. They do, however, tend to slow down the loading time of your page.

2. Automate some of your posts

But, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You still have to log on daily and talk to people. That’s what social media is all about. Just broadcasting your message is pointless. I don’t recommend connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts because they are separate mediums with different rules. What works on Twitter doesn’t necessarily work on Facebook and vice versa. Plus, if things become too automated, your followers will drop you like yesterday’s fashion trend (don’t be a proverbial gladiator sandal). That said, a little automation can go a long way to make your life easier. Try Hootsuite, Triberr, Time.ly, or Su.pr.

3. Find new fans with giveaways

When you host a giveaway, allow extra entries for liking you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc. I like to use Rafflecopter because it makes it super easy for readers to follow. Be sure to cross-promote your giveaway on all of your social-media sites.

4. Get cross-promotion from brands

If you review products, make sure to post a link to your review on the brand’s Facebook page (or ask them to post – even better) and mention them in your tweets (using the “@” symbol). This encourages the brands to retweet and repost, which means more eyeballs on your article.

5. Use Twitter smartly

I post several times a day – but be sure to post once daily at minimum (and respond to others’ comments). And, don’t forget to go through your followers (at least weekly) and follow back the ones that interest you. I’m guilty of forgetting to do this. Following back in a timely manner keeps people happy and prevents unfollows. Twitter is all about reciprocation. You should also make sharing others’ content a priority – it builds trust and relationships within the community and shows your followers that you are not a shameless self-promoter. Of course, you should try to stay on topic by retweeting content related to your blog theme.

6. Make the most of Facebook

I’ve learned that one post a day (maybe two to three if you have something to share) works best. Over-posting will quickly get you unliked. Make sure to take advantage of the vanity URL (you no longer need 25 likes to name your page) and put your website, Twitter, YouTube and other URLs in your page’s info section. Make it easy for people to find you. One of my favorite ways to gain Facebook fans is with Hooplasoft. You can run a giveaway every two weeks (make sure to put it on the “Stumbler”). Fans find you though the Stumbler and if you are giving away a decent prize ($25 value is reasonable), you’ll likely gain hundreds of fans in a very short time.

What’s your best tip for bloggers?

Jennifer Matthews is the editor-in-chief of cruelty-free beauty blog My Beauty Bunny and founder of Top Tier Media which provides social-media marketing, strategy and PR for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.

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