50 UK Fashion & Beauty Blogs to Watch & Learn From

Posted on July 17, 2012


As you’ve probably noticed, we started a series called 50 Blogs to Watch & Learn From.  Our goal is to create lists of fashion and beauty blogs from each of our regions, that we feel are inspiring, educational, cutting edge and just plain fun to read.

For a look at our Aussie bloggers to learn from click here and here.  Our series continues with UK blogs but we won’t stop there.  Make sure to tune in as we tackle the United States next!

  1. Abimarvel – With such a clean blog layout, it isn’t hard to find what you’re looking for on Abimarvel.  We were so impressed with her, that we recruited her to become an iFabbo Executive Member!
  2. Addicted to Beauty – This blog is your one-time stop if you are looking for anything beauty (products, reviews, nails, hair) and anything fashion (finds, catwalk).
  3. All That Slap – As a lawyer by day and makeup fanatic by night, Grace is a fabulous blogger and also a Top Reviewer on Make Up Alley.
  4. Amy Antoinette – Amy Antoinette isn’t shy when it comes to being recognized for her rave beauty posts.
  5. BeautyWowza – Looking for a blogger who keeps it real and tells you exactly what she feels/thinks?  Priya is your girl.  She will show you the best products in the latest trends.
  6. BlushBlendBeauty – Great lip swatches are always hard to find, but Natalie makes it look so easy and beautiful.
  7. Cosmetic Charm – Being able to empty one product, let alone multiple products, in a month is a hard thing to do.  But yet Emma seems to have mastered this quality with her month empties posts.
  8. Daisybutter – Need style help?  Michelle’s “Ways to Wear” are articles you won’t want to miss and will find very helpful.
  9. Effiesmakeupbox – Heather’s style is truly one of a kind that keeps you screaming for more.
  10. Emily Divine – Being able to express yourself through fashion and style is an exquisite quality.  Emily has a keen act of doing so.
  11. Fash-ling – Of course being a “Fashion Closet Lover,” this blog just shouts fashion!
  12. Flutter and Sparkle – As a dedicated beauty blogger for four years now, Gemma continues to bring her readers informative posts.  She she also beginning a segment called “Beauty blogger tips” for those interested in joining this wonderful community.
  13. Frooti Beauty – Safiyah is very talented when it comes to makeup.  Her stunning makeup looks are just a thing of beauty.
  14. Get Gawjus! – Shifa’s blog, Get Gawjus!, is an amazing read when it comes to beauty products.  Not only that, her DIY posts definitely makes you feel as if you could also do-it-yourself.
  15. Get Lippie – Aside from being a beauty editor of SLiNK Magazine, she is a fellow beauty and fashion lover.
  16. Who is Bobb Parris – We just love a girl who really knows how to use a camera and make the picture look amazing.  This just adds the finishing touch to Michelle’s amazing blog.
  17. GoodGollyMissHollie – Who can resist an animal print lover?  Well, Miss Hollie is a huge Leopard Print enthusiast when it comes to her outfits.
  18. Hannah Louise Fashion – When it comes to fashion accessorizing is always a must. Hannah is great at it.
  19. Holly Arabella – High-quality images are always a must when it comes to blogging and Holly is never short of that.
  20. I Am Fabulicious – Aside from your usual beauty posts, Sarah keeps her readers updated with the latest celebrity beauty news.
  21. Independent Mind –Pariss keeps her blog positive, which is refreshing to see.  Meaning if she doesn’t like a product, you won’t find it on this blog.  She will only share items she likes.
  22. Jemima.and.Ted – Unlike other fashion bloggers, Kat goes into detail with her OOTDs. Instead of just listing the brands, she will share exactly where she got it and why she wore it that day.
  23. Jennifer Rosellen – At first glance you can really see the personal touch Jennifer maintains through her blog.
  24. Lady M Presents – Rachel and Amelia teamed together to bring us Lady M Presents, an editorial style online magazine.
  25. Liana Beauty – Makeup isn’t cheap, so Liana’s helpful “Beauty Budget of the Week” is a great guide to learn of the inexpensive but yet worthwhile products in the market today.
  26. LLYMLRS – Lily’s personal style is something you would all love and enjoy.  Her outfits are definitely something you could find yourself wearing.
  27. London Beauty Queen – Haylee is a London beauty guru! She knows the ins and outs when it comes to beauty having worked in the industry for the past 6 years.
  28. Love Lust & Fairy Dust – Not only is Love Lust & Fairy Dust a great beauty blog, you will be able to find other great blogs with her constant “Beauty Blog Love Link” posts.
  29. MakeupLoveer – Louise always gives her readers honest product reviews, which is a great source to review to.
  30. Mediamarmalade – Relatively new to blogging Mediamarmalde continues to grow with its fabulous fashion posts.
  31. Milkteef – Posting good pictures on a blog is very important and Milkteef knows how to do it right.  Not only are her pictures thorough but also clear and close-up.
  32. Miss drifted Snow White – With such a cute eye-catching banner and easy navigation, you can’t go past Maria’s blog.
  33. Miss Holly – Monthly Favorites posts are very common, but Holly always has some great goodies!  Her swatches are also amazing being clear and close-up.
  34. Mystical Makeup & Beauty – If you want a blog with a stunning background, stop by Efsun’s Mystical Makeup & Beauty blog.
  35. NO NO COCO – Want inspiration and styling advice? Then NO NO COCO is the blog for you.
  36. Park and Cube – Shini knows the hidden hideouts in London.  Want in on this secret?  Then you must check out her blog.
  37. Perfectly Polished – Perfectly Polished was named as one of the Top 5 most influential UK Beauty Bloggers (Wikio/Ebuzzing) and in January 2012, was shortlisted for two Marie Claire Magazine Awards!
  38. PinkSweetSz – Every Saturday Sharmin writes a piece that introduces fellow bloggers called “Saturday Night Spotlight.”
  39. Star Violet Beauty – Being able to go behind the scenes of photoshoots and beauty events is every girl’s dream.  So being able to see those on Jessica’s blog helps us fill that little void.  She also has great nail swatches.
  40. Super Gorgeous – If you’re curious about “Glossybox” and “She said beauty” boxes, Alice is your go-to girl.  She will always keep you updated each month.
  41. Temporary Secretary – Sarah has an unique style, and enjoy beauty reviews and a glimpse into her personal life from time to time.
  42. That’s Peachy – Monday Mugshots are a regular on “That’s Peachy.”  It’s nice to see a weekly profile picture of beautiful blogger.
  43. That’s So New York – If you want a blog filled with independent unique designers and brands, Daniel is your guy.
  44. The Beauty Scoop – Claire’s mission is to find you all the must-have products and services
  45. The London Lipgloss – Zoe doesn’t fail to update her readers on the newest beauty launches and tells you how it really it when it comes to her reviews.
  46. The Vanitydoll – Makeup tutorial videos and amazing hauls are what Tiffany does best.
  47. Toxylicious – Francesca shares the latest trends are when it comes to beauty or fashion.
  48. Vipxo – Aside from Vipxo’s cute personal style, her “Lookbook Of the week” of her favorite bloggers is a great chance to see other fabulous styles out there.
  49. Wandesworld – Wande’s creative and artsy OOTD pictures will draw you in and you can’t miss her cute watermarks.  Be warned though, her pictures will definitely make you want to shop especially for shoes!
  50. What I Heart Today – Whether it is beauty or fashion, this girl knows her stuff.

Which UK beauty and fashion blogs inspire you and why? Let us know!

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