3 simple ways to monitor what’s being said about your blog

Posted on February 28, 2012

Knowing who says what about your blog (along with “when” and “how often”) is great as it helps to identify who the “cheerleaders” of your blog are! It’s also useful in helping work out which types of posts your readers are enjoying and sharing across their blogs or social networks. Here are three very simple ways to find out who is talking about your blog:

1. Google Alerts

Google’s Google Alerts tool is very easy to set up. Simply sign in with your Google Account, and enter your blog’s name in quotes. You’re then given options to customize the alerts you wish to see, including how you receive them (via e-mail or Google Reader). Other options include setting the frequency of alerts and whether you want to results to include mentions from news sites, blogs, books or more.

2. Topsy

Topsy is described as “real-time search for the social web”. By visiting the site and entering your blog’s domain name, it’ll provide you with details of who’s shared your content – particularly via Twitter – for the last hour, the last 30 days, and even for all time. It’s useful to find out when someone’s tweeted a link to your blog, but hasn’t mentioned your Twitter handle as well.

3. Pinterest

Once again, the topic of Pinterest is mentioned! As featured here on the iFabbo blog, Pinterest has fast become a popular traffic-driver, with users “pinning” pictures from blogs to Pinterest “boards” (which means other users who see it may click through to the source, and that could be your blog!). To find out who’s pinned a picture from your blog onto the site, simply visit this URL, replacing theblogstylist.com with your own domain name: http://pinterest.com/source/theblogstylist.com/. When you’ve identified which of your pictures have been pinned, take a moment to read the captions and comments written about them.

How do you monitor what’s being said about your blog?

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