3 fast writing tips for bloggers

Posted on October 8, 2011

Photo by Maria Reyes-McDavis via Flickr Creative Commons

You’ve read tips about how to write better blogs and maybe you’ve even written a blog post about how to write better blog posts.  But as every writer knows, it’s always good to review those key pointers often to make sure your writing is the sharpest it can be.  Here are my favorite tips that I share with new and experienced writers.

  • Write in a conversational style.  Since your blog isn’t a news story, it shouldn’t sound like one.  Your writing should flow like an easy conversation that you’re having with the reader of your blog.  Relax your style and use active voice instead of passive voice. Use shorter sentences and consider using contractions to sharpen your writing style.
  • Keep your blog post short.  It can take you longer to write a short piece than a long post because short, meaningful posts can take more editing time.  Remove any unnecessary words or phrases, such as “in order to”, “which” or “that”.  A post of 250 to 300 words should be enough to get your thought across.  Consider breaking up your long post into more manageable blocks of writing for your reader to digest.  It’s better to have a few shorter posts that your readers will read, rather than a long post that they will pass up.
  • Read your blog out loud before pressing the submit button. When you review your blog post without speaking the actual words your mind will add missing words that only surface when you actually read it out loud.  And since you are writing shorter posts, it shouldn’t take you long at all!

What’s your best blog-writing tip?

Ursula Herrick is the president of Herrick Media, a boutique PR agency focused on media relations and social media marketing.


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